Your Agent In Place: Strawfigure

Here is my PVE 100 Test ranged character.  My real Warlock and Frost Mage were already pummeled by run of the mill Draenor content so I sure didn’t want to send in those classes.  My live Shadow Priest is a few boxes from 70 and I think she has a good possibility for survivability in the Draenor dungeons. 

One comment I’ve heard from Priests is that they’re supposed to be using Mass Dispel against some of the bosses.  I’ve got that.

The first dungeon you can get in is Bloodmaul Slag Mines so I’m sending her there first.  I tried queuing for a bit this morning but hadn’t time to wait the what, 45 minutes or so to get in at this time.

With your leveling world character you always have lots to do while in a queue but on this 100 Realm, you’re kind of given everything and testing the higher level content is what you do.

I wonder. The population on this realm is low anyway, so queues would be long.  If I knew people here, I’d just go with those people in pre-made groups rather than PUG it anytime. So maybe this test won’t work for that reason hmmm.

Wish her luck.   I wanted to call her Sockpuppet but that was taken 😦

If You’re Always The First To Die…

Let’s just say it, if you’re always the first in a dungeon to die, you’re doing something wrong.

On live, I’m rarely the first one down no matter which class I’m playing.  In Draenor dungeons, I find my view of the world to pretty on level with the ground.  My Death Knight fares better but my Druid…ouch.

Before I get all whiny and say I reek, I need to send in Sock Puppet Level 100 characters of more classes to see if the problem is largely because I’m melee and can’t get away from stuff fast enough.

I’ll report back.   If all classes are utter failures for me I’ll simply post a sucker here with no commentary.   If I can do the ranged classes and last longer in the dungeons you’ll see Underdog.   Keep checking back, lol.

Here is a shot from The Iron Docks, a really cool huge outdoor dungeon.  I can’t get over what a good job they’ve done with making the scale of everything seem so huge.

Note: Also doing my homework on these.  I really liked this guys guide on MMO Champion.  It is much more practical and describes each fight and the mechanics for Skyreach.

Your Dungeon Group Is Ready

Healing in dungeons makes me incredibly tense and I can do it if I just keep rolling into the next dungeon.  If I have any downtime of a few days let alone weeks not going in and healing, I lose my confidence.

My method then is to go back in with a low level healer to get my mojo back.  I did this with a side character on a realm I really don’t play on.  Got scooped into a guild, which I usually ignore.  Made it through four dungeons with a bad tank and two good ones, so results varied. 

I always support my characters with other characters who provide bags and potions and armor.  I don’t have that there so we shall see.  If you think I’d ask the guild for assistance hahaha.  I may provide my guildies with everything they can imagine but I don’t take anything from strangers.  I guess I’ll see how an unsupported character can do.

In the Beta, I wanted to use my level 100 PVE test character for dungeons so I could be anonymously lousy if need be.  The realm was hinky though so I fell back to my real girl.  I ended up accepting an invitation there too.

I think I may be a little critical of other guild masters and guilds because when the guildmeister announced that anyone who didn’t log in for 24 hrs and check in somehow would be popped from the guild I thought that’s pretty cheesy!  Don’t ninja invite people if you’re soooo full.   We’ll see.  I play my own game and am not going to be sure I toe the line to stay in.  I just thought if I’m going to run dungeons mass rez would be a nice thing to have.

This is actually impractical because the dungeons are still absolute B-Busters and everyone is dead dead dead.

In Auchindoun,  we went through six tanks, two healers and four DPS before the third boss.  Then everyone gave up.

In Bloodmaul Slag Mines we were stuck and eternally dead at the first boss.  We should have gone left first not right.  At least we’d be dead in a new spot.

In Everbloom, I was greeted with “Oh, another Druid. I hope your DPS is better than the one that just left.”   They were at the last boss and knew the trick of taking him down so all was well.

I’m a jump in and read the instructions if things go wonky sort, but I think I finally have to look up the tips for these.  One of the reasons I hadn’t wanted to is because I didn’t want to spoil the plot/layout etc of the dungeon for myself.   However, I’ve been in a single group that made it all the way through a dungeon (The Grimrail Depot) in all my entries. 

I don’t mind that the dungeons are harder and you have to work together to go through, that is truly the fun of them.  I think there is a reliance on stuns, fears, and other character disabling moves in these that is pretty ridiculous.   The healer’s abilities have been really limited.  Character’s who had some self heal moves have had them removed or truncated so despite everyone’s efforts, everyone dies.

I do think tanks are still trying to go in and take the whole place down by themselves and that makes their dungeon stays short.

Note:  I looked at the videos for these three on Fatboss TV (new to me)  and all they could say was how easy these were, how disappointingly simple the boss mechanics…agh!  I am not seeing others who feel this way in game.

Warlords of Draenor Beta Report No. 505

There comes a time in betas where you decide if you’re going to play the game long term or not.  You’ve been through the world a few times, you have a feel for how combat, loot, crafting will be handled. 

In the case of Warlords of Draenor, I am definitely going to play, and I’m at the point where I wish it would just go live so I could happily work my way through the world and have it stick, and so I can keep my Garrison Sweet Garrison.

There are some things that bug me and that I hope to see changed:

I’d like them to do a character wipe because all of my copied characters are stuck in a time warp where crafting aspects don’t work for them in one way or another.  If they don’t do one this week, I’ll delete them and start them over to try out where crafting actually is.

I enjoy my Followers and am attached to many of them (Fiona!  Shelly!  Bruma!) who always seem to come through for me.  I despise the new notes that say you’ll be limited to 20 Active followers and can’t for the life of me see any reason for it.  If you want to reactivate, you need to pay 250 gold. What?  You steal my babies then you ransom them back?  If you do have to deactivate some you’d better have the choice of who is active.  (shakes fist).

Archaelogy has a few new puzzles and found treasures in Warlords and the whole system should be that way.  It should be about adventure and discovery and history storylines you may not get a look at in the game world if you don’t do archaeology not some horrible blinking red light game which makes me want to screeeaaaamm.

Sumptous Fur is now used for so many things and suddenly it drops hardly at all.  I sent a character through two whole zones killing everything and got 25 Sumptuous Fur.  Hello?  It would be ok with me if a character who has Skinning was able to get more, that would make sense but I don’t see that that is what is going on.

It looks like access to the Herb Garden has dropped to level 96 from 98.  It would be ok if a non-herbalist got access at some higher level, but it is a craft I picked for a particular character to go with another skill (alchemy) and I have Herbalism 600 Zen Master, fork over the Herb Garden right off.

GTFO the Scenarios at the end of long quest lines.  Man they are painful and unpleasant and my characters who function perfectly well though the rest of the game world just get beaten and trounced.

Speaking of scenarios, I want to boot the NPC who has the stoopid Garrison Invasion Quest out of my Garrison because he just stands by my town hall with his pointy exclamation point demanding attention.  At least let me move him into the outhouse so he is out of the way.  The scummie.

Off I go!

Shadowmoon Garrison Invasion: Nightmare

I had a rough evening in beta last night, but the Shadowmoon Invasion Scenario (I haven’t done many scenarios and didn’t realize it was one doh) was the worst experience I have had in an online game that I can recall. 

I’m level 93.  I go back to my garrison after wandering around Frostfire and catching enough fish to make some Crescent Oil.

Sgt. Crowler has a quest.  Hmmm I should see what it is. It’s beta, right?  Try everything.

I’m picturing that some sort of interactive map will come up and my Followers and garrison staff will be fighting it out under my direction.  Sort of an RTS thing, right?

Freak no.  Level 100 orcs pile into my garrison, slaughtering everyone.  Phase 1.

Phase 2 is EIGHT MINUTES LONG and you are to “endure” the invasion.  More orcs then a level 101 Elite Worm.

Those blood drip things are your garrison staff lying dying. You can trot over and heal them, but I saw someone on the forums say this makes the invaders more interested in you.  They could not possibly be more interested already.

I spent most of the invasion at the graveyard I didn’t know I had.  My Alchemy Lab, Storehouse, Mine, and Lumber Yard were all under attack.

I thought I could just wait for the timer to run out on the Invasion but once it did, that’s when my buildings all came under attack.  During the phase called “The Calm”.

While I was lying dead in my mage tower a Traitorous Looter showed up and apparently pillaged whatever he could.

During The Calm stage, a huge number of skeletons set up a portal in my garrison and they killed me way too many times and my armor was completely shot.  They were at the graveyard camping me and killing me as soon as I rezzed.  😦

As if the skellies weren’t bad weren’t bad enough a Horde Opportunist shows up at the graveyard and runs down to my garrison 😦

In theory I’m supposed to get to a bonfire in my garrison to complete things but the skellies inside the gate detect me even stealthed so there is no way to finish this at all.

I go to my quest log, rattled to the core.  Abandon scenario.  Get Garrison Debug Scenario Shutdown text….agh you have to be kidding, the shutdown is bugged?

You can see a Traitorous Looter level 100 remains.  The orcs and skeletons went away.  My buildings and town are empty except for townspeople crowded and cowering in my town hall.

The Traitorous Looter kept running back and forth between my town hall and herb garden.  Although my armor was busted I cracked and hit him with a few shots and he went down to minimum health, shook his finger at me then disappeared.

I had to log out them back in to have my fort returned to normal. 

There is no housing in the game, but my garrison feels like home.  Having this awful invasion, I was so mad. 

Do not push that quest button and activate this nasty mess.  Bah.

Draenor Diaries Sunday August 17 2014

I ran all three of my characters to some extent. My Cat was  once again stuck in Lag Heck for quite awhile so I sent my Warlock out for a bit then ran my Death Knight through the Golgrond quests I had just done with the Cat.

I sent her into Bloodmaul Slagmines, this time from the beginning of the dungeon.  I think this dungeon will feel familiar to players who have done the various Blackrock Dungeons.

My gnome Death Knight has a different point of view, everything looked so incredibly LARGE.

The feel of the place is very fiery, as if you’re in some monstrous furnace.

The group I was in seemed to know the dungeon and the fights well.

Crescent Oil

I noted a couple of threads on Crescent Oil, a reagent Alchemists need but something they have no recipe for.

Someone said non-alchemists could make it via an alchemy building in their Garrisons, though an Alchemist couldn’t. 

Since I had that small open building slot I put in an Alchemy building and sure enough, the Vendor opens and the recipe for Crescent Oil is right there, as if you were looking at a recipe list you know, only you can only see it via the vendor.

So, everyone is now stopping to fish hoping to send her the fish to change to Oil.

Frostfire Ridge

After a few sessions of slogging along, I found the passageway to Frostfire Ridge.  The Pass is jammed with bad guys. 

If you get through You’re at the Iron Siege Works, with level 100 NPCs and tank like things waiting for you to give them a try.

My Cat is only level 93 since this time around I’ve spread time between three characters. 

She slid on by those guys and comes to Thunder Pass (I think that’s what it was. The pass appears closed with a big tank in front of it but you can just tuck behind it and the path wends it way to the others side. Very narrow passage.

To my relief the mobs and npcs on the far side of this pass were level 90-93 so no problem.

I stopped at the Pit of The Devourer. Tempting for another time.

I was trying to make my way to the closest of two ! points denoting a quest that you can see on the map of Frostfire even from Golgrond.  

I didn’t get that far because I found a nice lava pool which is supposed to be a source for Fire Ammonite (used for the Fisherman’s Quest at your Garrison).

Sure enough, I caught Fire Ammonite large and small, and some Fire Ammonite Bait.

Well worth the trip. I still need to reach those quests.

Draenor: Scribes Quarters

The Scribes Quarters at Level 1 looks just like the Level 1 Alchemy building with different insides.

Your Work order Requires 10 True Iron Ore and 10 Blackrock Ore!!!!  No herbs of any kind. I’ve seen people say only Alchemy is really in place as a Trade skill.

I hope they’re right because that sure is maddening.

Luckily my busy busy little Death Knight had plenty of ore to send over.

The Work Order gives you War Paints and Sorcerous Water.

There were no Draenor Recipes available from the Scribe Vendor. I checked again after completing Your First Inscription Order 1 & 2, nothing.

Then I noticed I had a Treatise on the Inscription of Draenor still in my inventory.  Although it says it requires Inscription L1 to learn it, my Inscriptionist with 600 Inscription got FAILED! The Spell is not Available to You!  Noooo.

Tsk. Stink Stank Stunk.

Draenor Diaries Saturday August 16 2014

Not much time to play today. When I did go in my main character was in some weirdo lag warp where nothing was moving, nothing to interact with, blah blah.

Spent a bit of time doing the Migrant Workers quest line with my Warlock and also came upon her quest giver which granted the Blueprint for her profession bulding.  It takes an hour to build these in real time so I won’t know till tomorrow what it looks like or what the Work Orders for it require.

No dungeons today, alas.