Your Dungeon Group Is Ready

Healing in dungeons makes me incredibly tense and I can do it if I just keep rolling into the next dungeon.  If I have any downtime of a few days let alone weeks not going in and healing, I lose my confidence.

My method then is to go back in with a low level healer to get my mojo back.  I did this with a side character on a realm I really don’t play on.  Got scooped into a guild, which I usually ignore.  Made it through four dungeons with a bad tank and two good ones, so results varied. 

I always support my characters with other characters who provide bags and potions and armor.  I don’t have that there so we shall see.  If you think I’d ask the guild for assistance hahaha.  I may provide my guildies with everything they can imagine but I don’t take anything from strangers.  I guess I’ll see how an unsupported character can do.

In the Beta, I wanted to use my level 100 PVE test character for dungeons so I could be anonymously lousy if need be.  The realm was hinky though so I fell back to my real girl.  I ended up accepting an invitation there too.

I think I may be a little critical of other guild masters and guilds because when the guildmeister announced that anyone who didn’t log in for 24 hrs and check in somehow would be popped from the guild I thought that’s pretty cheesy!  Don’t ninja invite people if you’re soooo full.   We’ll see.  I play my own game and am not going to be sure I toe the line to stay in.  I just thought if I’m going to run dungeons mass rez would be a nice thing to have.

This is actually impractical because the dungeons are still absolute B-Busters and everyone is dead dead dead.

In Auchindoun,  we went through six tanks, two healers and four DPS before the third boss.  Then everyone gave up.

In Bloodmaul Slag Mines we were stuck and eternally dead at the first boss.  We should have gone left first not right.  At least we’d be dead in a new spot.

In Everbloom, I was greeted with “Oh, another Druid. I hope your DPS is better than the one that just left.”   They were at the last boss and knew the trick of taking him down so all was well.

I’m a jump in and read the instructions if things go wonky sort, but I think I finally have to look up the tips for these.  One of the reasons I hadn’t wanted to is because I didn’t want to spoil the plot/layout etc of the dungeon for myself.   However, I’ve been in a single group that made it all the way through a dungeon (The Grimrail Depot) in all my entries. 

I don’t mind that the dungeons are harder and you have to work together to go through, that is truly the fun of them.  I think there is a reliance on stuns, fears, and other character disabling moves in these that is pretty ridiculous.   The healer’s abilities have been really limited.  Character’s who had some self heal moves have had them removed or truncated so despite everyone’s efforts, everyone dies.

I do think tanks are still trying to go in and take the whole place down by themselves and that makes their dungeon stays short.

Note:  I looked at the videos for these three on Fatboss TV (new to me)  and all they could say was how easy these were, how disappointingly simple the boss mechanics…agh!  I am not seeing others who feel this way in game.

Draenor Diaries Friday August 15 2014

Friday August 15 2014

Reagent Bank Tab!

I went to put some things in the bank and there was a new tab :   Reagent Bank “Additional storage for raw profession materials”

For 100 Gold you get one hundred slots! 

Better yet, there is a button “Deposit All Reagents.”

When I clicked it all of the Herbs and Sumptuous Fur in my bank and in my inventory slid right on over.

Wow, this in addition to the new stacks of two hundred items (Not crafted goods). Man oh man.

I asked in General Chat if anyone with a Guild there could say if the Guild Bank had a Reagent Tab, but as often happens no answer.



I was eligible to go in all of the dungeons (need an item level of 500) so I checked off everything but Skyreach which I’ve been in several times with two different classes of character.


A huge outdoor dungeon that is like the Gorgrond area of the world. 

The first group I dropped into was really your dungeon PUG nightmare of bad behavior.  They kept saying how good they were and how bad WOW players are. Yet…they were dead every couple of seconds.

Going in again with another group things went pretty well till we got to Winterbark.  He’s a huge tree who silenced me for the whole fight somehow every time.  In addition to that, snowy looking balls (actually water is probably what they were) started coming out and they did “party wide damage”.   I popped a few in the few moments I wasn’t silenced.   That all ended badly, but there was a guy who had a “Repair Mammoth” one of the those huge expeditionary mammoths like something out of a movie.  Too cool.


Bloodmaul Slag Mine

I just came in at the end.  It was an underground cave/fiery looking place with huge ogres and orcs.  Good smooth group.

Was interested in seeing more types so rolled in again and I got


The Grimrail! 

Coolest dungeon ever.  It starts out in the Grimrail Depot then you fight your way to a spot where you grab a chain and you’re smoking along on the train.

Fights advance through the rail cars. You can see the scenery pass by between cars (but don’t spend too much time looking or dead dead dead).

There were lots of deaths but really super group and we just kept going along.

I’m in  Gorgrond now, an area I like, lots of jungle, interesting quests, quite a variety of terrain in this area.

Once again I chose the Logging Camp over the Sparring Arena for my Outpost.