Things To Do In Your Garrison

I’m seeing comments now and then about people “spending all day alone in their garrison”.   This has Basement Mouth Breather written all over it, right?   Scummy low people HIDING FROM OTHERS in a multi-player game. Gasp!  So icky!

You really wouldn’t spend all your time there unless you are the sort who sits around Stormwind and never plays, but you’re just snacking and chatting.  There do seem to be a few of those in the live game.

Here in a nutshell are the things you’d drop into your Garrison for:

Pick up quests
Turn in and pick up work orders
Fly to other locations
Mine Ores
Pick Herbs
Use Bank
Start and complete Follower Missions
Start a Garrison invasion
Mail items
Upgrade Garrison buildings
Get Daily Fishing Quests
Snooze safely in front of your fireplace

Shadowmoon Garrison Invasion: Nightmare

I had a rough evening in beta last night, but the Shadowmoon Invasion Scenario (I haven’t done many scenarios and didn’t realize it was one doh) was the worst experience I have had in an online game that I can recall. 

I’m level 93.  I go back to my garrison after wandering around Frostfire and catching enough fish to make some Crescent Oil.

Sgt. Crowler has a quest.  Hmmm I should see what it is. It’s beta, right?  Try everything.

I’m picturing that some sort of interactive map will come up and my Followers and garrison staff will be fighting it out under my direction.  Sort of an RTS thing, right?

Freak no.  Level 100 orcs pile into my garrison, slaughtering everyone.  Phase 1.

Phase 2 is EIGHT MINUTES LONG and you are to “endure” the invasion.  More orcs then a level 101 Elite Worm.

Those blood drip things are your garrison staff lying dying. You can trot over and heal them, but I saw someone on the forums say this makes the invaders more interested in you.  They could not possibly be more interested already.

I spent most of the invasion at the graveyard I didn’t know I had.  My Alchemy Lab, Storehouse, Mine, and Lumber Yard were all under attack.

I thought I could just wait for the timer to run out on the Invasion but once it did, that’s when my buildings all came under attack.  During the phase called “The Calm”.

While I was lying dead in my mage tower a Traitorous Looter showed up and apparently pillaged whatever he could.

During The Calm stage, a huge number of skeletons set up a portal in my garrison and they killed me way too many times and my armor was completely shot.  They were at the graveyard camping me and killing me as soon as I rezzed.  😦

As if the skellies weren’t bad weren’t bad enough a Horde Opportunist shows up at the graveyard and runs down to my garrison 😦

In theory I’m supposed to get to a bonfire in my garrison to complete things but the skellies inside the gate detect me even stealthed so there is no way to finish this at all.

I go to my quest log, rattled to the core.  Abandon scenario.  Get Garrison Debug Scenario Shutdown text….agh you have to be kidding, the shutdown is bugged?

You can see a Traitorous Looter level 100 remains.  The orcs and skeletons went away.  My buildings and town are empty except for townspeople crowded and cowering in my town hall.

The Traitorous Looter kept running back and forth between my town hall and herb garden.  Although my armor was busted I cracked and hit him with a few shots and he went down to minimum health, shook his finger at me then disappeared.

I had to log out them back in to have my fort returned to normal. 

There is no housing in the game, but my garrison feels like home.  Having this awful invasion, I was so mad. 

Do not push that quest button and activate this nasty mess.  Bah.