Draenor Guild Perks

With Warlords of Draenor all guilds will automatically be “level 25.”  No more recruiting little mice for your Bankbot guild to increase the monies in your bank before selling the guild off to the highest bidder.

No more enjoyable earning of those perks together as a group.  Our guild is working on their second guild on a second server. We’re at level 21 and we’re not going to make 25 before the 6.0 patch and kablooie-dom.  It’s ok.  A friend has a bank guild on yet another server he doesn’t play on anymore, maybe having an insta-25 guild will make him interested in making it a real guild.

These Guild Perks will remain:

Mount Up
Hasty Hearth
Mobile Banking
The Quick and the Dead
Guild Mail
Mass Ressurection

These will be removed:

Fast Track
Mr. Popularity
Cash Flow
Doctor is In
Honorable Mention
Working Overtime
For Great Justice
Ride Like the Wind
Bountiful Bags