Draenor: Scribes Quarters

The Scribes Quarters at Level 1 looks just like the Level 1 Alchemy building with different insides.

Your Work order Requires 10 True Iron Ore and 10 Blackrock Ore!!!!  No herbs of any kind. I’ve seen people say only Alchemy is really in place as a Trade skill.

I hope they’re right because that sure is maddening.

Luckily my busy busy little Death Knight had plenty of ore to send over.

The Work Order gives you War Paints and Sorcerous Water.

There were no Draenor Recipes available from the Scribe Vendor. I checked again after completing Your First Inscription Order 1 & 2, nothing.

Then I noticed I had a Treatise on the Inscription of Draenor still in my inventory.  Although it says it requires Inscription L1 to learn it, my Inscriptionist with 600 Inscription got FAILED! The Spell is not Available to You!  Noooo.

Tsk. Stink Stank Stunk.