Rift: Paragon Warrior

The last time I played characters in Rift I just hit the Spend Points Buttons on the Soul Tree, and after awhile I saw there were choices I wish I had made instead.

This time I decided to make a Warrior.  I wanted pure DPS because I’d like to try her in Dungeons, something my others never quite made happen. 

Paragon seems to fit my purposes because it is single target damage, and if I mix in a bit from the Champion Soul Tree I should be good right?

I usually don’t like making human characters because they’re boring, but I went with one this time.  She’s a beast. She’s an Amazon.  She’s perfect for who she’s trying to be.

At level 10 and she’s handling herself well. I haven’t died yet so that’s a good sign. 

When you’re at level 10 you can grab the insanely addictive Instant Adventures.  You port all over the place with other people and cooperatively meet the tasks of each area.  Then voila you’re transported to another spot. Leveling is so quick.

I noticed that last time I just let a character zip through the world that way, I did not get my Zone Achievements as I went along, my crafts suffered because I out-leveled everything and it was too boring for me to backtrack because I wanted to continue zipping ahead to see the next new place.

This girl is going to take it EZ.  Go fishing. Do some cooking.  Work on Armorsmithing. Get all the Achievements.