Why don’t you noobs get some gear before you come and do bgs?

Well, honestly, that was next on my list.  I did want to go in and see if some of my new class skill gave me more survivability in a battleground.   (Warsong Gulch today)

I can say not much, but they were useful in fights, and I did annoy the Horde nasty boys enough so they kept seeking me out for quick death.

Someone noted the Horde players weren’t taking any damage.  I noticed all the ones I saw were level 19, higher than most of us.

The Horde play differently, in my observation.  They spend most of their time routing out and killing the Alliance, especially at the graveyard.  Alliance players in just about every instance are scattered and don’t work together at all.

We are doofs.


Edit:  Ha ha went back in with my uber level 10 Warlock, got a decent Alliance group, took out numerous bad guys!  Won VICTORY!!!!!!!