Weekly Roundup

weekly roundup


Welcome to the first weekly roundup.  Not that you’ll necessarily ever see one again but hey…

Ye Spam   The same boring old spam keeps pouring in.   Let’s see a little thought put into your robotic blog killers, beaners.  On the plus side I sat in on a class this week on making a web site for your small business and the term SEO was explained.  Ohhhhh, I get it.

World of Warcraft Update 5.4 arrives on September 10.  It doesn’t look too interesting to me.  All that sticks in my head about it is they will institute the “Connected Realms” and they plan to nerf Hunters.  Why is it always all about nerfing Hunters?

I spent a lot of time running for potion and scroll ingredients because everyone is playing trying to get that last guild level.  We’ll have it for sure before the patch.  It is a pain to have to go to Icecrown, Twilight Highlands and Netherstorm circling and circling for herbs that seem to be very sparse.  I have numerous people with characters at just those levels so bleh.   Note to developer people: Don’t make something so commonly needed so stinkin’ hard to get.

Lord of the Rings Online  I took a break and worked on my LOTRO character.  I saw a few people, yay.  Moved on to Bree.  Soo close to getting to level 15 without dying.  I’m being careful which quests I do so I don’t meet an early demise.  Figured out the bag/inventory situation.  So, everything you loot goes into a side bag that you pluck the contents out of after you’re done questing.  You aren’t stopping to pick up loot and your bags aren’t getting full so you have to stop and toss stuff.  On the downside if you log out without picking your loot out of the big bag it times out on you and eek.   I’m wondering how I’m going to do any of the group content, and I recall there being a boatload, if there are no people around.  Having fun with my girl, but that could be a stopper.

EQ2    Only had a chance to pay maintenance on my Froglok’s house in EQ2 this week, my Froggie and Kitty are calling me but guilt, guilt, have to make it possible for our guild to reach level 25.  Stay on target…


Elder Scrolls    Still no ESO beta Invite….grrr.  I would be perfect.  I honestly wrote my best ever” why you should choose me” application, my pc is good, my experience is good…sniff.   Every time they announce on Facebook they have sent out a new WAVE of INVITES and you should RUN and CHECK YOUR MAIL, I do!  Only to be sniff sniff sniff crushed again.   I think this is only the second beta I’ve ever applied to that I did not get in.  Dogs.