Wildstar Characters and Paths

I hadn’t played for a bit but I made some progress this week.  I now have a Spellslinger/Explorer, a Warrior/Settler and a Medic/Scientist. 

There is an Esper too that I found to be not so effective, but it is likely I’m playing it like a melee class and jumping when I should stand still so I’ll give her another try.

I am surprised that I like the Medic best at this point, whaling her along to a lofty level 8.  I like the Scientist path too, though I don’t see myself being a huge “Lore” person.

My completionist ways are fed by finding all the scrolls and datacubes in each area.  I was unable to do this in the Northern Wilds because the second door in the Ecolab would not open, as all three consoles would not light up at once.  I actually have another Scientist on a second server and it popped right open for her so grr I say. 

Figure A only two consoles will light up:

Sent a Bug Report.  Thank you Wildstar, by the way, for a nice Bug Report form.

I like the Northern Wilds area and beyond that your character can go to much more than the Evensong Forest area which is all touchy feely and ack.

My plan is to make one of each class as I like to do to really see what the game offers.

I am eager to get a house but I’m not sure where I want to make my home.  I guess since I have to be level 14 for that no hurry.  I am saving little things I find in the world for my home and garden but am running out of bag space. I hope I find a town with a bank soon.