Gaming Goals September 2020

Except for in World of Warcraft, my August Gaming Goals were a bust:

World of Warcraft

Windwalker Monk to 120   Yup!  Got a 120 of every class now on Blackwater Raiders

Paladin, Proudmoore to 120   With ease!  Paladins at higher levels are easy!

Work on Various Achievements.

I got all kinds of achievements.  Notably, thanks to my son deep diving into Allied Races, I decided to try for the only one I want, the Kul Tiran Human.  I have the Exalted Rep, had tons of the Tides of Vengeance quests done,  Have Loremaster of Kul Tiras.  Needed Pride of Kul Tiras.  Finished Tides with ease.  Did the Pride of Kul Tiras sequence, and I really liked Jaina’s story.  I’m glad I finished that out.

All I need is a Nation Divided.   It turns out in order to get that, I need to do the Siege of Boralus (raid) which you can now queue for a heroic version of.   The less said about my initial try on that the better.   I’m going to have to watch the play throughs of it a few times and try again.

So close to my girl, who will look like this:


I noticed how huge the rewards were for the 7th Legion stuff while working on Tides with Ath, so my Mage is working on the War Campaign as well as World Quests.  She is comparatively low on item level (389) and Neck (41) but her fights have improved incredibly, and my Mage, if you can imagine, was able to take on five mobs and take barely any damage.  This has never happened for her.


Elder Scrolls Online

Daily logins (ha, nope.)

Complete initial questline and begin Greymoor with Nord Warden.    I did not. When it was on sale during Gamescon I did purchase the expansion though.


Lord of the Rings Online

Do a minimum of five quests with my Hunter.  I think there were still problems when I tried logging in so, nothing here.


Steamy Life

Pick any five new games and see what I think.   None at all.  They’re calling to me, (as my mother in law would say), but not loudly enough.


April 2019 Gaming Goals

Better late than never, eh?

March goals were basically leveling in World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online, April will be more of the same.

World of Warcraft

I’m working towards 120 number three in Warcraft with my Rogue. I wasn’t going to do the Norwington Estates area, but I’ve sent my Rogue along that route because I realized I’d missed Anglepoint Wharf just a bit further on with my Druid and Warlock. I was pleased my Rogue did the infamous Stoats with so little trouble I didn’t realize she’d finished the quest requirements. I try to do all of the silver elites, but a Turtle Thing killed me pretty quickly with spin moves near the Estates. I love skinning in this area with my Rogue, it just seems like you get lots of (stuff). Once I got to the horse quests at Norwington, I found myself sliding down the road to the Wharf. Two more levels for her, then my Paladin.

I’m having odd screenshot problems with Wow. First the screenshot folder disappeared, then pictures where going into a “retail” folder. Now they go nowhere. I’ve looked at various fixes without luck. I could play it on my laptop to get pictures.

Elder Scrolls Online

My goal here was to get characters to level 30. I think I have three, with others close. It’s a pretty loose goal. The only thing I notice as I level is I can find new ores and cloth. I felt more powerful with everyone at level 18, but not since then, that I’d say, oh yeah, see me roar. It’s all a matter of armor and weapon upgrades.

Still, aside from Galaxies, I’d say there’s more variety in things to do in this game than in anything else I’ve ever played. It’s a constant treasure hunt. My Redguard Templar, whose turn it is this month, has like +1000 luck. She finds everything, and practically trips over treasure chests wherever she goes. I love her.

I bought Mathiisen Manor in Auridon in January, and have been slowly decorating it. I am putting in things I craft myself, and I don’t want to waste materials or home storage space on anything unworthy, so very slow indeed.

Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle

I’ve gotten waylayed by holidays, Darkmoon Faire and a certain other game and my World of Warcraft rotation has slowed way down.

I’m currently working in the Grizzly Hills area of Northrend with my level 79 Assassination Rogue.  Three boxes to level 80!  I have never completed the quests in this area, or (cringe/cone of shame) all of Northrend.

A goal for 2017 will be to get Loremaster for all areas of the game.  That is why I’m going to let this character get the achievement for Grizzly Hills and every other area of Northrend.  Who better to complete everything than a sneaky sneaky rogue?

As you can see, it’s going to take her a few turns/levels to complete this area, let alone Northrend generally.  Since I’m already working 9 characters towards 110, I don’t need these other characters to rush through content I’ve done so many times.  I’m going to stop and enjoy the scenery, get my trade skills to level, and go fishing as often as needed to live the fine life.  And become the Loremaster I should have been long ago.

Note: My Bartle Explorer self has done much better with the Exploration of Northrend: