I May Be Punier Than You, But I Shouldn’t Be Punier Than Me

Ok…my Feral Druid has been Puny-ized.   I know things will level out, but I’m able to pull packs of 6 or more easily on live and they’re down.

On Beta, if I get two, I’m dead.  At level 114.  Which you expect to be better than 110.   I never crunch numbers, but even I had to look to see what the (blank) was happening in a casual fight.

Live Ath

Beta Ath

Depressing, but soldier on, little elf!

Battle for Azeroth Character Copy

I’m a fish. I wasn’t going to copy a character to beta, but of course I sent Atherne my druid right in as soon as it was available.   I hadn’t any response on the Mage’s guild request, so what the heck.

They made quite a few changes to the opening sequences.  Going to Silithus even briefly, is just annoying.

Then while being rowed to Boralus, the Fatigue meter popped up.  The rowers were going awfully slow but, yow.   I couldn’t believe it, but it ran out and I died.  I swam out to where I died and died again before too long.  My clever plan was to keep swimming and dying ever closer to shore.  Nope.  Each death reset my character way back out to the original death point.   I gave up and took the shot of resurrection sickness.   How bizarre.   Bug reported all, of course.

I love the city of Boralus, it’s the best city they’ve ever done.  Just so cool and sprawling.   I wish they’d let us have homes there.

I followed the path my poor Mage had just done.  It was simpler for my copied Druid, but she certainly isn’t as powerful as the live Atherne.

Did two dungeons, interestingly, I’ve been thinking dungeons were way too easy, but ha, not with my copy.   Fights took way longer, there were wipes.

Lots of angry talk in Stormwind Trade Chat.  I think mostly about the stat squish.  You get lots of armor right away from quests, and if you’re running dungeons you get good upgrades there too.   The Azerite additions to your heart of Azeroth and armor pieces seem to come pretty swiftly too.  I think it will be alright.  It always is.

BFA Time To Level That Gnome

I was enjoying moving my cadre of characters through beta, when all of a sudden it seems time is running out.

My plan at first was to narrow down to playing just three characters in the beta, so I could finish all the quests in Drustvar and Stormsong Valley (covered the Tiragarde area in alpha).

Now Battle For Azeroth seems to be teetering even closer, and I have so much to do with my live characters…I’m picking just one.

And the winner is:

How she got the job as The Soloist:

Ranged fighter.  Better chance of not being forced to step in #%!* in dungeon fights, just because she’s melee.

Her Blink ability gets her where she’s going fast and out of harm’s way.

Before the last patch she was pretty powerful.   Now she’s getting kicked in most fights, but this too shall pass.  Fire Mage seems reliably well suited to most fights, after everything is sorted out.

She can shoot while moving on several skills, doesn’t have to be interrupted every time she tries to cast.

The ability to float from a height.  Invaluable in getting around strange terrains.

She’s my Tailor character, always my favorite craft after Alchemy.

She’s a Gnome!   Adorable is always an asset.

Her only drawback is she hasn’t a self heal, and no, Ice Block isn’t a heal.

I’m going all in with her, and did the unthinkable, I looked at the Guild recruiting list and requested to join a guild.  Eeep!   

A Rogue’s Night In BFA Beta

I’m doing that thing where I rotate my characters a level at a time.  Tonight was my Assassination Rogue.

I thought I looked at each character before sending them into the introductory scenario, copying what skills and talents the live version has.  My Rogue seems to have fewer skills, somehow, I have to double check.   Compared to Live, each of my classes have felt “squishy”.   They never feel as powerful to me as those live characters. 

Why haven’t I made a Worgen Rogue before?  She has the Rogue and Worgen speed boosts (I call the Worgen one “scootie foot”). 

She’s working in Stormsong Valley, a really pretty area.  Each of the areas of Kul Tiras are very influenced by the sea and something gone very wrong.  I find the leader of this area, Lord Stormsong, to be very buffoonish.   I know, who’s talking, right?

The Rogue is my Leatherworker/Skinner.  I found enough materials while questing tonight to make a single item.  The crafting feels more like classic crafting rather than the “got you in a vise grips–don’t try to make anything” Legion.

When you skin a creature, you get a pile of stuff:  Stringy Loins (!), Tempest Hide, Calcified Bone, Blood Stained Bone, and Course Leather.   I love getting a treasure trove of useful stuff like that.

She got in two dungeons and acquitted herself well.   Waycrest Manor and Shrine of The Storm were tonight’s  selections.   Waycrest was pretty breezy but there was a spot in Shrine that was a problem, though I haven’t seen any other group have trouble there.

I’ve been wanting to write about Battle For Azeroth Beta, but am wary that people will think it’s too spoilery.  I’ll try not to be spoilery.

When I first heard about BFA, I thought Oh, no, it’s the PvP expansion.  I’m sure there is plenty of opportunity for those who want to fight it out, but I haven’t run up against anything at all myself, which makes me really happy.

I’m wondering if I tend to like every other expansion.  I loved Draenor (maybe because I never let myself be a slave to the Garrision), and I love this one.  It has the best storytelling and quest writing I’ve seen in quite awhile.  Each area has all these little vignettes that flow nicely into the larger story.

Remember all the annoying kids in Pandaria?  Nails on a blackboard voices?   There are lots of kids in Kul Tiras, but except for one, they’re great little adventurers.