World of Warcraft Classic Stress Test, Final Version: The Setting is the Same, The Story Is Different.

I had planned to have a Human Warlock and Undead Hunter as my main characters.  You cannot have an Undead Hunter, only Orcs, Taurens and Trolls can be Hunters on the Horde side.  For some reason, I really like the Undead characters and area so I’ll be running an Undead Priest in the background, just because I liked how she played over the weekend.

If not an Undead, I wanted an Orc, who I liked also.


For some reason I started reading about Trolls being better with their Bow Specialization and Berserking abilities for PvE and I switched to a Troll Hunter.  I still want my Orc so I think she’ll be a Warrior.

I’m only doing three characters on Horde and Three Alliance till my alt-mania kicks in.

On Alliance, Human Warlock, Night Elf Druid, Gnome Rogue is the current plan.

“Fig A”  How a Real Gnome looks

When it seemed the stress test was just a day, it was quite a swarm in the human areas.

Can you spot the Mages?


Later, Warriors entered the scene.


There were plenty of Warlocks too, just not the big groups that Mages and Warriors had.

More than once while playing I thought “I love this!”.

I was exactly that person to put on any gray armor that my character could wear as it dropped, just for any added protection.

The Frayed Brown Robe you always sell as Vendor Trash is sartorially fine, and it is 8 Armor!

Auto attack is my new friend.

I got desperate and pulled more than one mob a couple of times, just to grab them.  Didn’t die, but should have.

The Hunter only having a bow as the auto attack but no actual bow bugged me.   On the plus side, if you had the mob at enough range you could auto attack away most of his health before he got in melee range.  On the other, no bow.

My Warlock more than the priest I started with ran out of mana like mad.   I came to adore my Refreshing Spring Water, that most lowly of things in the live game.  I had dreamy thoughts about food or drink that would restore both health and mana.  I have never appreciated that as I should have.

Once the weekend was underway, I had to train in all the crafts.  Training price for Fishing and Cooking One Silver each! Insanity!  It was only ten copper each for Tailoring and Enchanting.  25 copper for Refreshing Spring Water, whoa.  Then there’s the skill trainer.   It all adds up fast.   My strategy will be to kill everything I can to get as many coppers in my bag as possible.

Someone was in Stormwind selling Linen six slot bags for six pieces of linen cloth (you provide) and 1 silver each.  Outrageous!   Wish I’d had the money to get even one.  Spent it all above, though.

Kobolds and their famous You No take Candle have truly been robbed in the modern game, because the little beasts did in fact drop candles, which stacked in groups of five.  I thought I read somewhere this week some poor class actually can use those.

Here’s hoping I get my names on Monday.  Good luck reserving your names!


World of Warcraft Classic Realm Names and Server Types

The realm names and server types for Classic have been announced.  Data Centers are apparently in Chicago and Los Angeles if that’s a consideration.


I personally think the realm names are pretty awful, except for a couple, but I’ve picked out my first, second and third choices in any case.   It’s going to be a huge scramble on Monday.