World Of Warcraft Dungeon Dayz

I’ve had a good week of dungeon running in World of Warcraft. My newbie Warlock got invited to a group with a couple of guildies. I don’t know anyone, right? But if you’re running a dungeon, take meeeee with!

Oddly, I thought, they were going to do Wailing Caverns, but wanted to meet at the meeting stone for it. I’m thinking What? Where even is the meeting stone for it? Kalimdor, Northern Barrens! Can you imagine how long it would take my little bozo to get over there? They changed to Scarlet Halls and Monastery which one could fly to with the other in tow, then summon me over. (They went with three because that’s what was available and they were trying for Dungeon Guild Achievements). Somehow, everyone ended up in different phases. So when I got summoned, I could see their character dots but not them. There I am in an area where everything’s four levels up on me. Lolmeister. Somehow with tinkering we ended up all together.

Those two dungeons, the Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery, are not favorites of mine. Somebody, usually everybody, dies at some point. I dread them. Imagine then, going through with a level 50 and a level 120. Har, har Scarlet Scum! The POS bosses could barely get a threatening word out before they died. Power to the Peeps! Die, die die! It was pretty great to see them get flattened. I might have enjoyed it too much.

We also did the Stockades, which is a quick one even in a normal run, the only trouble in that dungeon there ever is, is with with Hogger. He had no chance to say Oink.

My adorable new Death Knight is going to join the guild there once she has money for flight so, if need be, she can fly location to location. It occurred to me that Classic will be that very thing, you’ll need to know where the entrances actually are in the world and get there overland. It will be such fun.

My DK has done Hellfire Ramparts and the Blood Furnace. Her first dungeon ever (Hellfire Ramparts) and the Tank happens to be a Gnome DK. I tried to get a screenshot of us together. Not easy on the move.

In the Blood Furnace Ha, bad dog, I’m writing this post in my head and thinking I like this dungeon, and it is one of the ones I can (and have) tanked comfortably. So maybe I wasn’t Ms. Output because the tank, some big beast of a guy with a huge shield bragged:

You go, big guy!

Despite not paying enough attention at all times, the DK did not meet her maker, really.

Dungeon Runs

One of my favorite dungeons is The Lost City of Tol’vir. With this my druid has enough currency to buy a mount with one of the next Timewalking sets. I can’t recall which one I’m waiting for, but I’m ready.

And a personal favorite: My DK in the Halls of Lightning.

World Of Warcraft Character Hopping

I’m sliding back into some regular World of Warcraft play. I’m bouncing around between characters. My lead on BWR, a Demon Hunter, is tooling along. I really should bring her in to Boralus and try some Island Expeditions. It sounds like they’ve improved them a bit. There’s only one way to find out.

Tonight I sent a level 106 Retribution Paladin from another server Timewalking. Those are such a crapshoot as to what dungeon you’ll get. Of course I got Vortex Pinnacle. Cursed thing. I was lucky, though, and there were problems for the whole group, and the tank wisely surveyed everyone to see what skills they had that they could be using to help get past gnarly packs. In the process, I learned a couple of things that will keep me alive next time around. That’s how you get Pugs to work, you see what people know, don’t know, everyone works together. The pure magic of talking to each other.

I also worked on a few characters on a server who’ve been waiting in the wings for a very long time. It’s nice to be in that spot where you’re figuring out who does what Profession, and what their Spec will be when they reach a glorious level 10.

I’m working on getting more shots of characters in combat. It’s so tricky. But you do get to look at the bizzaro expressions they now have to offer. Hmmf.

The important thing is, I’m enjoying the game again. It’s just good to take a little break now and then.

What Makes A "Good Player"

The ever brilliant Rohan of Blessing of Kings (my Paladin idol) has been comparing Final Fantasy and WOW dungeons and the skills of players in them.

SynCaine of Hardcore Casual speaks to another writer’s statement that “bad players are bad people.”

This made me think about what makes for a Good Player.   This is within the context of running dungeons, something I’ve been doing in World of Warcraft quite a bit lately, and though I finally recently earned the title “The Patient” I’d be surprised if most players have been in more PUGs than I have over the course of years. 

I’ve played every single role, some better than others.   That has helped me immensely while running dungeons, because I know what each class can do in their role, and I can get a sense if a player needs extra help from my characters, and I know where the points are in most dungeons where things can go south, and be hyper vigilant.

Here’s what makes a Good Player

Do the best you can in your current role.  Work on a good rotation of skills, know your stat and armor requirements, carry potions to get you through bad spots.

Provide support for the rest of the group.
Be attentive to everything going on, not just what you need to do, but be aware of where the other players are and what they’re doing to help or harm the group.

React quickly.

If you provide guidance to another player, do it in such a way that it is helpful to them, and it sticks.

Learn the dungeon/encounter.

As DPS, protect the Healer, assist the Tank.

Play all the roles so you know what is expected and possible.

Let’s Talk About The Epeen-O-Meter and Other Add-Ons for WOW

Rough times in the dungeons these days. Everyone and their Alt seem to be leveling their characters to 90 by Hook or Dungeon Crook. I’m doing the same.
Currently I’m working between several with my Warrior being the out front of the pack leveler. I need her Blacksmithing and Mining skills big time.


Add-Ons are not something I use, and I have never used them. I ask people I know who do, what they use, and what it does for them out of curiosity and still see no reason to use them.

If every person in the dungeons except me is using them, then doh, even more reason not to use them. I am not seeing, except in rare groups, anyone playing much better than everyone else. Some groups, everyone plays well. Maybe one in ten groups at any given level.

Do you ever wonder if the developers take into account how Add Ons will be used when they make changes to the game? Do they not bother much refining some features or skills because they know an Add On will compensate? Do they go seemingly overboard on some changes to counteract what an Add On will do?

The most pervasive Add On is Recount. This displays everyone’s damage and is always displayed by the person who came out on top in the rankings. With my Rogue and Shaman I cringe to see it. They are my lowest levels for a reason.

The Official Epeen-O-Meter!

I have noticed with my Hunter reaching 85 and my Warrior and Paladin in the 70s that the counts don’t tend to get posted. I take it they sort of ruin the whole I am Da Uber thing for the puny boys and girls who need constant feedback regarding their greatness.

Via MMO Champion, Another Poll! Blizzard Asks Which Dungeon You Would Blacklist

Among other blue guy news, there is a poll here asking which dungeon you’d blacklist.  Does this mean I could yank Vortex Pinnacle out of the random dungeon list?  Must look into this.

Which dungeon would you blacklist?

Mogu’shan Palace
Shado-Pan Monastery
Gate of the Setting Sun
Temple of the Jade Serpent
Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery
Siege of Niuzao Temple
Scarlet Halls
Dear Blizzard: 
Please revamp every single painful Pandaria Dungeon.  Put Scarlet Monastery, Scarlet Halls and Scholomance  back the way they were.   Use your Burning Crusade Dungeons as a template.  Don’t ever make a boring Violet Hold dungeon again.
Sincerely, Atherne

Dungeon Talk

I read comments now and then that bemoan the lack of social chatting and friend making in World of Warcraft’s Cross Realm Dungeons.

All I ever see are arguments about loot rolls and caustic remarks about the tank or healer. Where ‘s the beef?

After just such a week of “chat” I zoned into the middle of Black Rock last night and the worst “draggy tank” on the planet was swearing and chewing out the “healz”.

After a bit I mentioned that the Art of Chat was certainly not dead in this dungeon, and here I ‘d seen people complaining that nobody talked anymore.

What are we supposed to talk about ? Asks the DPS….
We’re supposed to Bond, I say.
I ‘ll bond with you says Foul Draggy Tank.
Unimaginably, the beaner role checks for another dungeon as soon as this one is done. Bizzaro.


3/27/14   Speaking of Dungeon talk…tonight we were advised “If you want healz, stand by the tank”.   Nice for the melee people.

Then a person who hadn’t played “in years” was giving the tank advice and begging the Death Knight to take over tanking.  The Death Knight who was dead every other minute.   The tank responded to all with a hearty 😀


The MisAdventures of Blah Blah Blah

I am distracted by real life issues, will be my excuse.  Read on if you dare.

I realigned my Rogue’s toolbar thus:

(Ambush) Mutilate, Rupture, Envenom, Dispatch, Slice & Dice, Kidney Shot, Recuperate, Combat Readiness, Kick, Feint, Vanish, Evasion.    I went in two dungeons with her and nary a sneer!  Yay little Rogue!

roguish rogue


Then, I thought to send my Paladin into a dungeon to level a little.  I’ve only been using her Inscription skills since returning to this server and haven’t played her otherwise in months.  After a couple of weeks of annoying, “drag-everyone-through-the dungeon-while-spinning-like-a-top-tanks”  I get into a dungeon and the tank does nothing.   He/she/it doesn’t say just a minute, or anything, just nothing.  Everyone gets all jumpy and runs and starts fighting and I tool along with them. Everyone dies.

I look at the character portraits to see who the tank is and dang if there aren’t three DPS in addition to myself!  Holy Hairy Snakes!!!!!!!!   I AM THE IDJIT TANK!   I have used my Druid Bear as a Tank in dungeons countless times when the tank left and my Warrior a few times.  No problems.

Somehow, this poor Paladin got talked into tanking last time she was around and I didn’t notice the tank checkmark when I queued and I have no clue how to play a Paladin as tank.  Just call me Dungeon Deserter.  I wonder if it is available on a T-Shirt.

No Character Left Behind

Similar to the last post, I have decided that everybody gets to go to Draenor so I’m leveling all my long time characters to 90.

It is going well, and some characters such as my Warrior are actually more fun than I realized.

My slinky “Shadow Priests” I’ve decided are like weak Warlocks with all those debuffs so my girls are moving on up.

Alas my poor Rogues…I sent a level 50 Assassin Rogue into Stratholme and had the oddest group.  Really super nice people but I thought since we kept dying and dying again, they were not such good players.  Maybe they’re leveling alts they stinketh at as I am.   At the end, the last boss drops a MOUNT who knew he had one?    While I’m all agog there was a mount here, some goof who didn’t play well at all is running the ever dreaded damage count.   Let’s guess who did the least?   Hmmm?  And, the bozo just had to mention that they did more DPS than the rogue.    Once again the cone of shame descends.

So this morning I’m looking ONCE MORE at rotations for Rogues.  All these sites like Noxxic and Icy Veins tell you how to play your freaking level 90 character.   JMJ, don’t you know how to play the character by 90?   Maybe you could help those struggling to get there by hook or by crook.    Also, every other thread gives completely contradictory advice as to which skills to use when.   Thanks for that.

Finally I find a guide or two on Wow Insider (who just sacked many of their staff, boo.)

I’m pretty sure the Rogue guy is one of the ones no longer with them, goofs…  How nice is this, including his comment to turn off the Recount meter, thank you very much.


rogue rotation

Happy New Year from The Last Chapter!

World of Warcraft

After having so much fun working in Neverwinter, I had to break to do some of the Winter Veil activities.   Just as with the last couple of holidays in World of Warcraft, I approached the many requirements half heartedly.  There are too many activities for this busy time of the year, and having three PVP ones is a real pain.

So I did the gnome/battlefield one, entering the Isle of Conquest for the first time ever in a skimpy gnome Santa outfit.  Because I’d lose my gnome form if I shape shifted to my feral cat form or a bear or moonkin form for that matter, I had to go in as my Elf Self transformed.  I used my secondary talent set for which I have no talent never ever having used it…restoration.  I can confess here because I feel guilty that I was concentrating on my toolbars and skills and when I entered the battle ground I went in marked dps as always.  I suspect this saved my miserable gnome hide from instant death because I just looked like the only Santa gnome in the place, but not a falsely labeled one.  Shame, shame.


We tried some dungeons as a guild to get some of those achievements.  Only I and my husband and son and nephew dungeon dive, others don’t.  So we did a few, just us, to test things out, then got in the dungeon finder queue.  Unbelievably our first one had this Pin Brain From Mars who was critiquing everyone’s dps and skills and blah blah blah.   Obviously we were doing fine and didn’t need the Head of Bone and we should have drop kicked him sooner, but we waited till the end.  Luckily the next guy was just normal and we sailed along.  Not so confidence inspiring to those who we can’t talk into dungeons at all most days, and to me playing my dread rogue who I know is just awful, thanks for applying the brown sauce.

I’ve been running my shaman through some dungeons trying to level her up to use in the group instead of the rogue.  I’ve had trouble with her in the past which is why she is my lowest level class.  The dungeons in the 50 levels are just torture.  I am always so grateful to qualify for Hellfire Peninsula at 58.  I have been running into one after another of what I call “draggy tanks”.  They aggro one group of mobs then just chain drag them and everyone else through the whole place. Gack.  THEN there was the gnome who was playing his healer with his tank on follow or was it the other way around.  Nobody but me spoke up and said how bizarre that was, and when he died immediately because his following character got stuck on a wall, then everyone died…I got dungeon deserter for leaving that fun time behind.  How I love dungeons.

In an effort to have my spouse help me with a Winter Veil quest, I logged in his guy to just get him set up.  Lo and behold he has an in game email from the devs inviting him to try Raiding.  Hello?  He’s never going to try raiding.  Did any of my characters get it? NO.  Grrr.  Not that I’ve been raiding either but I do play.  

raid invite 2


Aimlessly working on my Pyromancer in Rift.  Am at level 24.  I was trying to do every quest in Silverwood but I couldn’t stand being there forever so I made sure my gathering skills were to level, finished what I could and stepped over the border into Gloamwood.  It is all gloomy and spidery, not looking at all like Duskwood from Wow but having that ambience.  A nice change and I feel like I’m making some forward progress.

Dearth of Games for PC yet again

I was thinking this year how in years past there were always maybe five games out in the fall I wanted badly and I’d ask for them for Christmas.  I can’t even think of the last time I asked for a computer game.  It is not as if there are a bunch on another platform I’d be buying either if only I didn’t love my keyboard/mouse so much.  There is not much of interest released if Action/Adventure is your genre.   I do not count those stoopid find the hidden picture puzzle games as Adventure.

There are a few upcoming lists with some possibles, but not much.

Board Games

New additions this season are Forbidden Island and Carcassonne.  I and my team mates liked both and appreciated the cooperative nature of each.  We are going to see if we can’t re-institute our board game day here, maybe we can eventually lure in others on a regular basis.  Snacks and board games, hard to beat that for entertainment and relaxation.


They’ve got my attention with the new game trailer and Kickstarter for the Repopulation.  They are sidestepping what I thought was a hardcore pvp game and practically stepping out of the video saying if you loved Star Wars Galaxies pre-NGE you will love us play play play!   Am I someone who could resist that?   I’m supporting the Kickstarter and if they bring that puppy up I’m going in for a look.


Happy gaming in 2014!   Atherne and the crew of the Last Chapter