World of Warcraft: Legion

I didn’t know that Legion refers to a group of demons, did you?  I skim along in my religion as I do in most things.  Just passing through!

It seemed like a good idea to spend some time reading posts and forums about the new Blizzard Expansion today, and I am, as always with a game I love to play, excited.  It’s about time Elves were featured, they’re not the aloof, we scorn all but ourselves elves found in other games.  They take selfies!

 Not being a Lore Junkie, but being an Elf Friend, I’ll enjoy getting more of their back story.

While many seem to have an attitude that says Show me why I should stay, Show me why I shouldn’t leave, Show me why I should pay you, my thought is, when will it be available? When can I play?  This time around I should have at least 5 max level characters to send to the Broken Isles, all my favorite classes.

When a game I play brings out new content, I always wish for a new class to try out, a new area to explore, and a raised level cap.  Five is puny, truthfully, but ten is great.  I want new and interesting additions to the crafting system (we didn’t get that last time and nothing has been said this time).  I wish for a good story, and I want surprises.  As an avid dungeon fan in World of Warcraft, lots of five person dungeons…give me TEN! (There may be 9 incoming which is not bad at all).

Right on the Legion site there is a beta opt-in option.  I was thinking I wouldn’t do it again so as not to ruin the story and experience, but plink!  I hit it immediately.  Last year I spent all summer playing in Draenor and I didn’t want to play anything else at all.  The people playing in the beta were a really good crowd, smart, knowledgeable, helpful.  Sort of like the ideal server population you’d like to find someday.  It was an excellent beta experience.  Crossing fingers, see you there!

The Next World of Warcraft Expansion To Be Revealed at Gamescon August 6, 2015

The Ancient Gaming Noob’s post    on the World of Warcraft expansion announcement caught my eye this afternoon.  He also notes it comes on the heels of current subscriber numbers being announced, and has a poll for you to guess where the numbers will be.  I guessed 6 million, because that number seems to be where things settle after expansions and new content have been run through by most.

Blizzard recently dropped jaws saying there wouldn’t be any new Draenor content, causing quite a bit of angst among certain fan segments.

Announcing the next expansion before the wails have had a chance to die down, that’s pretty good!

I am not an apologist for Blizzard, and I don’t think they need one.  Of all of the gaming companies out there, they have provided some of the best game experiences ever, and have been without (Cough cough CRZ)  any real dramas, and no betrayals of their customers.  Few can say that.

Flight in Draenor is, aside from CRZ, the biggest drama I can recall.  I am not rushing to send my characters aloft in Draenor, because it isn’t important to me.  I have wished upon the Winged Wanters a next expansion that is all flight.  Everyone will be happy then, right.

This little video called Skies of Azeroth could be a sneak peek at just such a thing, right?  Skies of Azeroth would be an excellent name for an expansion.  Most excellent.