Afterplay…Notes From A World Of Warcraft Play Session: Frost Mage

I thought it might be fun to write up notes from a round of World Of Warcraft.  You may remember I’m rotating a large swath of characters.

Currently up is my Level 73 Frost Mage who is an Engineer.

  She’s working in the Borean Tundra though she’s over the level for the area.  I’ve slowed down all of the non 100’s so they can complete areas I never finished because I’ve dungeoned my way past almost all of the content in the Outlands and Northrend.

I wondered about the changes to Frost Mage with the recent patch, but I didn’t notice much with her because the mobs are level 69 and she’s at 73 so down they go.  Her xp bar still filled relatively quickly.

In addition to leveling through the area, I have my characters go on a Dungeon run during their turn.   I skipped Magister’s Terrace which is fine with some characters, but with others , there are lots of places where Things Can Go Wrong.   Since Frost Mage isn’t one of my toughest characters, I wanted her to have a better chance.  Hate The Nexus.   Opening of the Dark Portal is meh.  Sethekk Halls, hmm should have marked it.

I like all the dungeons I checked off, including the Heroics which at this level never seem much different than the regular dungeons.

She got Azjol-Nerub, which I always like though some tanks who can’t handle it pull too much and its cryin’ time.  Excellent tank and everyone else was good so it was all smooth.  I think my Mage acquitted herself well, though I vow to make sure all gnomes carry speed potions because those tiny legs just don’t get them where they’re going fast enough.

I wanted to make sure each character works on their crafting, so I sent her to Stormwind to work on her Engineering.  I made a few decoys which I can’t wait to try out.  I don’t know if really looks like the cute little bear in the picture, but if so, I may feel guilty letting it go kablooie.

I really am pleased with these rotating character sessions, and the variety of things I cram into that single level each gets.