July Gaming Goals

I’m going to try Game Goals for July.   Modest goals to be sure!

Aywren Sojourner does them  https://aywren.com/2018/07/02/july-2018-gaming-goals/       and Justin Olivetti (must drink more coffee before writing…so close to writing Justin Bieber)  does them  https://biobreak.wordpress.com/2018/07/02/syps-gaming-goals-for-july-2018/

World of Warcraft

On Black Water Raiders:

Gear up the Fabulous Seven in preparation for BFA.

Move Death Knight, Monk to level 110.

Get Shaman, Hunter, Warrior to level 100 and to the Broken Isles.

Tidy up quest logs.

Lord of The Rings Online

Try to work the Burglar all the way through the Lonelands, finally.

Do the unthinkable and buy bank space because, she is the also the cook, and all these tasty treats are filling her bags, that I’d like to just store away.

Get that poor Warden out of the starter area.