Happy New Year from The Last Chapter!

World of Warcraft

After having so much fun working in Neverwinter, I had to break to do some of the Winter Veil activities.   Just as with the last couple of holidays in World of Warcraft, I approached the many requirements half heartedly.  There are too many activities for this busy time of the year, and having three PVP ones is a real pain.

So I did the gnome/battlefield one, entering the Isle of Conquest for the first time ever in a skimpy gnome Santa outfit.  Because I’d lose my gnome form if I shape shifted to my feral cat form or a bear or moonkin form for that matter, I had to go in as my Elf Self transformed.  I used my secondary talent set for which I have no talent never ever having used it…restoration.  I can confess here because I feel guilty that I was concentrating on my toolbars and skills and when I entered the battle ground I went in marked dps as always.  I suspect this saved my miserable gnome hide from instant death because I just looked like the only Santa gnome in the place, but not a falsely labeled one.  Shame, shame.


We tried some dungeons as a guild to get some of those achievements.  Only I and my husband and son and nephew dungeon dive, others don’t.  So we did a few, just us, to test things out, then got in the dungeon finder queue.  Unbelievably our first one had this Pin Brain From Mars who was critiquing everyone’s dps and skills and blah blah blah.   Obviously we were doing fine and didn’t need the Head of Bone and we should have drop kicked him sooner, but we waited till the end.  Luckily the next guy was just normal and we sailed along.  Not so confidence inspiring to those who we can’t talk into dungeons at all most days, and to me playing my dread rogue who I know is just awful, thanks for applying the brown sauce.

I’ve been running my shaman through some dungeons trying to level her up to use in the group instead of the rogue.  I’ve had trouble with her in the past which is why she is my lowest level class.  The dungeons in the 50 levels are just torture.  I am always so grateful to qualify for Hellfire Peninsula at 58.  I have been running into one after another of what I call “draggy tanks”.  They aggro one group of mobs then just chain drag them and everyone else through the whole place. Gack.  THEN there was the gnome who was playing his healer with his tank on follow or was it the other way around.  Nobody but me spoke up and said how bizarre that was, and when he died immediately because his following character got stuck on a wall, then everyone died…I got dungeon deserter for leaving that fun time behind.  How I love dungeons.

In an effort to have my spouse help me with a Winter Veil quest, I logged in his guy to just get him set up.  Lo and behold he has an in game email from the devs inviting him to try Raiding.  Hello?  He’s never going to try raiding.  Did any of my characters get it? NO.  Grrr.  Not that I’ve been raiding either but I do play.  

raid invite 2


Aimlessly working on my Pyromancer in Rift.  Am at level 24.  I was trying to do every quest in Silverwood but I couldn’t stand being there forever so I made sure my gathering skills were to level, finished what I could and stepped over the border into Gloamwood.  It is all gloomy and spidery, not looking at all like Duskwood from Wow but having that ambience.  A nice change and I feel like I’m making some forward progress.

Dearth of Games for PC yet again

I was thinking this year how in years past there were always maybe five games out in the fall I wanted badly and I’d ask for them for Christmas.  I can’t even think of the last time I asked for a computer game.  It is not as if there are a bunch on another platform I’d be buying either if only I didn’t love my keyboard/mouse so much.  There is not much of interest released if Action/Adventure is your genre.   I do not count those stoopid find the hidden picture puzzle games as Adventure.

There are a few upcoming lists with some possibles, but not much.

Board Games

New additions this season are Forbidden Island and Carcassonne.  I and my team mates liked both and appreciated the cooperative nature of each.  We are going to see if we can’t re-institute our board game day here, maybe we can eventually lure in others on a regular basis.  Snacks and board games, hard to beat that for entertainment and relaxation.


They’ve got my attention with the new game trailer and Kickstarter for the Repopulation.  They are sidestepping what I thought was a hardcore pvp game and practically stepping out of the video saying if you loved Star Wars Galaxies pre-NGE you will love us play play play!   Am I someone who could resist that?   I’m supporting the Kickstarter and if they bring that puppy up I’m going in for a look.



Happy gaming in 2014!   Atherne and the crew of the Last Chapter

Silvermoon City

Silvermoon City

If you blow the map up a bit you can see the path to take. At each narrow doorway there are level 90 guards.  You can actually stealth past the first two, but you’re marked PVP at the first turn of the hallway so I recommend you have some potions for extra armor and speed potions to make the sprint through the city.  Your accomplice, if they really appreciate you, will go ahead and run in ahead of you taking some of the flack 🙂  Brave accomplice!   It appears that Silvermoon City is THE place for Horde beaners to hang out right on top of the holiday, so best of luck. Follow the map, don’t slow down.  One second to pick up the flame and its yours.

Fire Thief (For the Alliance!)

I’m assuming you can fly in order to do these.  I kept thinking about Wow Insider telling you to go in through the western gate of Orgrimmar and I’m thinking is this written by some Horde person who wants you to die or what?  I suppose though some poor soul will be trying to fight their way in by ground.  Tsk.


Fly to Forest Song in Ashenvale, Kalimdor.  Go just a bit west and you’re in Azshara.  Orgrimmar is massive and the northern section of it that you need is practically right there.  The tent is in the Valley of Wisdom.  Go to the ridge to the RIGHT of the northern gates, carefully not going into the city at all until you see the Orange tent for the flame (so you’re not marked PVP before necessary).   If you look at the area map and line your character’s arrow up dead center with the “castle” for Orgrimmar you are right over it.  Watch the three sets of Bat Flyer Guards and zoom in when they are all away from this spot.  The flame itself is on the left side of the tent.

Thunder Bluff

Fly to Thunk’s Abode in Desolace, Kalimdor.  Just east is a break in the mountain range. Fly through it and you are in Mulgore and Thunder Bluff is right there.  The bluff you need is that very first one.  The flame is on the right side, towards the back of the tent.  Carefully zoom in, snare flame, then zoom out.


Fly to Chillwind Camp, Eastern Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms.  Go Northeast to Tirisfal Glades.  Undercity is on the northern shore of a large lake.  You do not have to go into the underground city at all, as I feared.  The area above the city is called the Ruins of Lordaeron.  Approach from the south part of the ruins and look for the tent in an open courtyard.  You will be flagged PVP right as you go over the wall into the courtyard so be quick!

Still have demonic Silvermoon to get into.

Maps for these places later.  (Really nice maps are available at Gamepressure    http://wow.gamepressure.com/)

Finally managed to get my four torches in a row  (Juggling) by going into Interface, Camera Distance and changing it from minimum to maximum.  Then I could mouse my way out far enough to follow the shadows and nab them.

Know Thy Enemy

Ha!  part of my problem with getting the Flame Thief is I don’t know the layouts of the Horde capital cities, because I haven’t really played any Horde characters.  Never fear, my spies are in place.  I’ve already walked the route into Silvermoon City with a spy Blood Elf.  Very doable as long as I can get past those two initial guards.  I have a brilliant plan for it.  I get an accomplice to lure the guards at the Shepherd’s Gate into combat and lure them away a bit from the gate, and I slink in stealthed.  The rest of the route is easily clear.  Ha ha!  Suckers.   I’ll let you know if it works.  Shhh don’t tell the Horde.

Midsummer Fire Festival

This World of Warcraft festival has you visiting so many horde locations I thought
“I’m getting tired of these festivals and I’m going to quit doing them”.   I respect that they have you visiting tons of locations throughout the world to get areas of the map clear that you don’t already have complete. However, my level 90 character does not have areas clear where she spent bundles of time and that is really annoying.

Every time you extinguish a Horde Bonfire, you get marked PVP for five minutes.  I learned something I hadn’t any idea of…and that is if you get marked and then fly or take a boat anywhere the PVP drops immediately.  Who knew?  No wonder the goons keep killing the flight master in Booty Bay, so you can’t escape PVP that way if you’re marked for whatever reason.

I used the Icy Veins guide and maps to get my honoring and extinguishing achievements.  With my new keen knowledge I flew in close to the Horde spot, grabbed the bonfire and zoomed back to fly calmly to the next location.  I must say there are Horde pinheads hanging around most bonfires just plain everywhere.  But, they can’t get you till you extinguish the flame, and they can’t fight you in the air (unless they can and I haven’t gotten nailed yet).  So stay flying.  Tip city.

I have all the accomplishments for the festival now except the Juggler, which sounds easy but no, and the Flame Thief.  You’re supposed to toss a torch in the air and run to where you see its shadow in order to catch it and toss it again.  Got to do it four times in a row, and then for the achievement catch and toss FORTY in a ROW for 15 seconds.  To the sickos who thought this up, whap!

The last part of the “holiday”  has you go into four enemy capital cities and steal their flames.  har har har.    Did you know you can’t fly in the area around Silvermoon City?  Try to walk in there, or even slink in.  Not only did I have the guards attack, but a level 90 bozo Horde fink got into the act and poof, dead little Night Elf.