An All New Plan, An Even Better Plan

I’ve spent many hours since Friday night in the Burning Crusade Timewalking Dungeons.  I now have a level 110 Paladin and a level 110 Fire Mage.

My Mage!  Somehow she is my second favorite character in all of WOW, despite the struggle of eons as a Frost Mage which played ok, then played awfully, over and over.  She’s my girl!  She really held her own in those dungeons.  So proud of her.

I’ve always liked the Burning Crusade dungeons.  There were even many times in the past where any character who could tank ended up tanking because the tank poofed.  And it was fine.

I hate to say, but I think I liked them because they were straightforward and EZ.  Now, seriously, they’re tough.  A single Warrior tank from all day yesterday was able to play the old pull-the-room way and we didn’t all die.   Another single one did pull the room and everyone died.  He was gone pretty fast.  Every other tank pulled smaller groups.  Pulled groups into hallways.  Was mindful of the bosses.

I’ve been reading the forums this morning and there is lots of angst about the new difficulty.  Not enough xp. Takes longer to do the dungeon.  Don’t feel like you’re doing much damage anymore.

Personally, I’m just thrilled by the whole thing.  Dungeons that you could do in five minutes are now interesting.  You actually need to take out the healers and casters as soon as you can so they don’t fear the smithereens out of everyone.  It’s like the dungeons have been re-designed completely, yet they’re completely familiar.  So cool.    (Note in the picture below, this is my Elf!!! Mage in the Black Morass below, somehow turned into a gnome with the most repulsive gnome hairdo available, agh.  Could not turn it off.)

Everyone in the group is working together.  This is what the experience should be.

When I run dungeons, I’m also always questing in between.  My experience bar is moving along fine.  I’m getting good armor rewards.  Lots of artifact upgrades in these Timewalking dungeons. 

My Rogue is currently up and I’m expecting her to get 110 by days end.

My new WOW plan is to get my Blackwater Raider characters all to 110 in preparation for the expansion.  After my Rogue, I have a 105 Warlock, then the rest are spread in the 80s and 90s with just the level 72 Hunter.  Doable!   I’m not looking forward to the slog parts ahead for the 110s, but for the two I got to 110 yesterday, it felt like a bunch of stuff opened up for them, with new cool uberness.