Warcraft: For Azeroth! For The Alliance!

That phrase was quite thrilling to hear.  I loved the movie and was completely immersed with the world and characters.

Lothar was my favorite, reminding me often of Aragorn.  I did think he came on a little strong with Garona, but that Orc could handle anyone.
I thought Garona was a good representation of someone between two worlds and cultures.  An incredible warrior with heart.  That’s how I like my heroines.

The first time I ever saw Khadgar was on the road to Draenor.  I loved his kick ass ways.  Here, he is much younger, and everyone keeps calling him a boy.  He’s really just a sort of weasely sneak of a character who is never up for the next part of a fight. 
Medivh was great, until, you know, Evil.
Durotan was a great character, totally true to Orc traditions and his tribe, and oh, that adorable baby!!!

Guldan—agh someone needs to kill him off, tired of that nasty old crone of an Orc.

Did I say I loved the movie?  It brought some beloved places to life…Ironforge and Dalaran exteriors were perfect.  Stormwind was way off the mark, too large, too many red roofed homes filling the city.

I’ve seen many commercials for the movie and I think they really misrepresent the nature and length of the Orc/human alliance.

The Orcs were physically impressive and I had no trouble believing in these massive creatures.  The only flaw was the tusks just weren’t quite right and I wanted to take them out so the Orcs could be more comfortable.  It looked like you could just unscrew them…