October’s Game Goals

Nothing like super modest goals to create the illusion of success! 

In World of Warcraft I meant to keep moving my characters through Kul Tiras.   I have done that, but not as quickly as I might.

It is not that I’ve lost interest in the game, but that I have just a small section of Stormsong Valley to do with each character then, tra la, back to Tiragarde Sound.   I have not been able to put my finger on why I hate Stormsong Valley so much.  It is the most beautiful are by far.   I keep stopping to take pictures of flowers and pretty scenes.

Somehow the quests are annoying.   Whatever story they’re telling, it isn’t interesting to me.   I am not compelled to go on to the next bit to see how the story plays out.

For sure the voices of Brother Pike and Lord Stormsong are a big part of the problem.   I know they go away soon enough, but argh, it can’t be soon enough.    I should play with the sound off whenever they’re involved.  Maybe that would help.

Elder Scrolls Online

Simple goals: get all the characters (8 of them) to level 15 and get my All Crafts Crafter to a place where she can make furniture. 

I have a 20, a couple of 18s, a 17, a 13 and the rest are under level 10.   Doing well on that part of the goal.

Level 5 Warden

Though I have tons of materials I’d need to craft Furniture, do the writs most days, and have a boatload of recipes, blueprints and diagrams, I haven’t the skills to make a single thing.


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