PVP Test: Die, Snowzilla Die! (Joking)

Ms. up for anything went into the PVP test.  I thought I’m maybe too much of a target with my foofy girl characters, so I created HIM:

If you’re going to be a guy, be DookNukem.   It’s the only way.

I chose a Warrior for additional oomf.   My highest on live is level 92, so I was at least familiar with the class.  I chose the talents I thought would do the most damage, it being PVP and all.

So many awesome moves!   I was sure I would clean up the place.

I imagined that you’d be dropped right into some big battle, but no, you have to queue for a Random Battleground.

So the queue was 13+ minutes and I got bored.

Finally WE’RE IN!

Everybody splits off going all different ways.   I try my moves on a few guys and spend lots of time at the boneyard, oddly much of the time sent there by Snowzilla.   The first time it happened, I noticed I was Team Leader. Hahahahahaha.

Despite my many deaths, I came out right in the middle of the leader board, which I was pretty pleased with.  I may or may not go back in.

Midsummer Fire Festival

This World of Warcraft festival has you visiting so many horde locations I thought
“I’m getting tired of these festivals and I’m going to quit doing them”.   I respect that they have you visiting tons of locations throughout the world to get areas of the map clear that you don’t already have complete. However, my level 90 character does not have areas clear where she spent bundles of time and that is really annoying.

Every time you extinguish a Horde Bonfire, you get marked PVP for five minutes.  I learned something I hadn’t any idea of…and that is if you get marked and then fly or take a boat anywhere the PVP drops immediately.  Who knew?  No wonder the goons keep killing the flight master in Booty Bay, so you can’t escape PVP that way if you’re marked for whatever reason.

I used the Icy Veins guide and maps to get my honoring and extinguishing achievements.  With my new keen knowledge I flew in close to the Horde spot, grabbed the bonfire and zoomed back to fly calmly to the next location.  I must say there are Horde pinheads hanging around most bonfires just plain everywhere.  But, they can’t get you till you extinguish the flame, and they can’t fight you in the air (unless they can and I haven’t gotten nailed yet).  So stay flying.  Tip city.

I have all the accomplishments for the festival now except the Juggler, which sounds easy but no, and the Flame Thief.  You’re supposed to toss a torch in the air and run to where you see its shadow in order to catch it and toss it again.  Got to do it four times in a row, and then for the achievement catch and toss FORTY in a ROW for 15 seconds.  To the sickos who thought this up, whap!

The last part of the “holiday”  has you go into four enemy capital cities and steal their flames.  har har har.    Did you know you can’t fly in the area around Silvermoon City?  Try to walk in there, or even slink in.  Not only did I have the guards attack, but a level 90 bozo Horde fink got into the act and poof, dead little Night Elf.