Fo’ Grizzle My Shizzle

I’ve gotten waylayed by holidays, Darkmoon Faire and a certain other game and my World of Warcraft rotation has slowed way down.

I’m currently working in the Grizzly Hills area of Northrend with my level 79 Assassination Rogue.  Three boxes to level 80!  I have never completed the quests in this area, or (cringe/cone of shame) all of Northrend.

A goal for 2017 will be to get Loremaster for all areas of the game.  That is why I’m going to let this character get the achievement for Grizzly Hills and every other area of Northrend.  Who better to complete everything than a sneaky sneaky rogue?

As you can see, it’s going to take her a few turns/levels to complete this area, let alone Northrend generally.  Since I’m already working 9 characters towards 110, I don’t need these other characters to rush through content I’ve done so many times.  I’m going to stop and enjoy the scenery, get my trade skills to level, and go fishing as often as needed to live the fine life.  And become the Loremaster I should have been long ago.

Note: My Bartle Explorer self has done much better with the Exploration of Northrend:

World of Warcraft: A Rogue Sneaks to Fortune and Glory

Ta Da!  Level 90 Rogue!!!

My Combat Rogue made level 90 this week.  I  never thought I’d be able to get a Rogue leveled to 90+ without a boost because, she has always seemed so hard to play.

Not anymore.  She’s working for the Klaxxi and seems almost untouchable.  Unreal. (Sniff) I’m so proud of her.

I’ve been trying to get her to Draenor because I can really use her leatherworking skills.  But, no way I’m sending her till she’s as close to 500 Ilvl as I can get her.

I also haven’t taken time to get the scorpion mount from the Klaxxi with past characters, and I really really want it.  My underdog Rogue is going to be my Heroine Rogue after all. Who would ever guess!

Perhaps someday I’ll get a Shaman and Monk this far.  Boggling…

Timewalking Dungeons

I’ve been doing the Timewalking Dungeons this week because they are helping me bring up my item levels, and they are Burning Crusade Dungeons…my favorites of all time.

Sending in a Hunter, Druid and Rogue, and really love the experience and items gained.  So far I’ve gotten Heroic Versions of The Black Morass, Mana Tombs, Shattered Halls, and the Arcatraz.

The next set of Timewalking Dungeons will be Wrath of the Lich King, not my favorites.  Still these turn out to be a big help Item Level wise.