Running Through The Tanaan Jungle

Slinking, actually.  The announcement of the Legion expansion has me working on my characters to not just level them but to try to get their iLevels up.

For my main character, I’m mostly enjoying the Shipyard once again.  I got a Battleship this week called Spellweaver.  I love the name.  Almost as much as that of my Destroyer Yrel’s Command.   In order to keep my ships running, apparently I need to head to the Tanaan Jungle.

Tanaan is supposed to be like the Timeless Isle but it doesn’t have that feel at all.  There are these cute little sparkly treasure boxes all over Timeless Isle.  There are treasures in Tanaan, but not many that I found.  It seemed most were guarded by multiple Horde.  Luckily there were quite a few people around.  I like that because they distract some of the groups away from me.  Is Meatshields the word I’m looking for?

Tanaan Jungle is dark, very Horde-like with the green gassy water you find in Horde areas.  What is that stuff?  The monolithic buildings sprawl everywhere.  I wasn’t in a jungle like area tonight, that’s for certain.  I have by no means covered the entire area so it may lighten up elsewhere.

I managed to do only one quest, killing 25 Iron Horde.  You wouldn’t think it would take long but they are largely grouped up.  A few are those rotten guys who yank you over to them with a big chain when you’re trying to lure them over your way.   All too often they pull you into a wandering pack of five or so.

I’ll see how I do on the dailies using the guides at Wowhead and Icy Veins.   I am no fan of dailies, but I need my Oil, and the next ship I’m eligible for is a Submarine.

World of Warcraft: Shipyard Missions Destroyer Destroyed!

Yikes.  I tossed my shiny new Destroyer at a mission and poof! The mission failed and it was gone!  That was a surprise.  They did warn of it, but I was cocky.  And 86% chance of success seems pretty good, right?

I toss my Followers at missions frequently where they have a low probability of success just to get the Base xp.  Nothing bad ever happens to them.

Here, if you fail down goes your ship.  At the beginning level where you haven’t upgraded it in any way, it isn’t too tragic, but yikes, if you’ve got your ship all nicely decked out, and bammo!  That’s gonna hurt.

The map interface for naval battles is pretty crude.  Just a brown blobby continent with an anchor purporting to be your ship hanging somewhere near the “coast”.   I’ve never played any games with ships and naval battles, so I don’t know what is typical.  I think this could be a bit more imaginatively done.  Immersion, we’re talking.

It is a bit putzy to have to run back and forth between the quest giver and the shipwright, but I can see why they’ve done it.  You get to watch your ship being built next to the shipwright and that requires a big space to show it being built.  Seeing the new ships built has all of the excitement for me that I had seeing what a new building in my Garrison looked like.  A Ta-Da! moment.

The Destroyer looks like the ship you can take to Northrend.  For some disappointing reason it is docked across the bay so I can’t climb aboard (not that I swam over and tried to get on board).  Hmmpf!

I’m enjoying the Shipyard, despite these small bits that could be improved.  I’m logging in again, and am having fun, which is always the desire.

World of Warcraft Shipyard, Yo Ho

I couldn’t resist the Shipyard any longer, so I logged in to see how involved it might be.  This was my first log in since the 6.2 Patch. 

New is the “Adventure Guide” which suggests things you might do.  In my case it sent me back to my Garrison to see the King and Exarch Yrel. I just love that character. How far she has come from that cave where we first met.

If you’ve been away for awhile, this is a good way to bring new content to the player’s attention.  The current festival/holdiay is featured which is handy.

Rather than having Dungeons and Raids Tabs, it would be nice to have tabs for quests you haven’t completed, Achievements you can work on.  Grouped by continent, ideally.   Mounts and pets you have not collected yet.  Perhaps Dungeons and Raids you haven’t done yet.  Guiding you to what content still awaits you all in one tidy spot would be very useful.

My illustrious guests send me to The Iron Docks to find a shipwright.

Since my character is a Druid, I mostly slunk through the docks, avoiding the elites and fighting the workers only when I had to. 

Things happen fast in these places, but I’m feeling bad as I’m thinking of the area that there was this dead player laying around and I am not in tune enough with this character right now to have thought to rez the poor guy.  Oops, sorry man.

Once back home with my gnarly shipwright, I had to ride way around to Eventide Landing…the place where you first enter Draenor proper, instead of there being some convenient little road down to the sea right inside my garrison.

It turned out alright.  I hoped the whole thing wouldn’t be an interface like the Followers where I didn’t get to be actually in my shipyard admiring my ships.  No problem, the Shipyard is a pretty large area, and very cool looking.

Also, very important, once my ship was built by my nice little dock workers, I could go on the ship (but not inside that I saw…very important for when I get my Submarine).

I was whisked off to the Tanaan Jungle and I’m excited about that.

I haven’t been reading anyone’s posts or guides because I wanted to be surprised by each new shiny thing.  Off we go!