Some Good Squishiness

I’ve really just been running my 110s through the Darkshore World Quests this week and haven’t worked on leveling any other classes.   Between World Quests and the ruination of Kalimdor, I’m looking at a couple of lower levels.

I looked at my Death Knight (Frost) (Level 101)

and Monk (Windwalker) (Level 100)

and they’re not bad. The most excellent thing is, they didn’t have the item level to do any Legion dungeons before the Great Flattening aka the Stat Squish, but now they can both queue up! Yay!  I’m happiest when I can combine questing and dungeon runs.  Very nice!  I just have to set up their talents it’s off to the dungeons deep.

The Death Knight will be easy, she runs dungeons all the time.

The Monk, though, she might get the Golden Bootski if I can’t do decent DPS with her, and for sure control some of her wild bouncing around.

Squished! Feral Druid

To see how my Druid fares now, I sent her to Argus where she should have been working for awhile now, but I really hate the place.   I fought a few things, looked for treasures and Astral Glory flowers.
No problems in any fights till I tried an Argussian Vigilant.  I died before I could hit Shadowmeld when the fight was going rapidly south.  Ah, well.

Nothing special in Court of Stars.  Paladin tank, we made quick work of everything.  Actually got a ring with a tiny upgrade.

Here’s the one character whose traits have not changed and whose Talents I can pick without looking at a list.

Lunar Inspiration
Mighty Bash
Jagged Wounds
Brutal Slash
Moment of Clarity

Squished! Assassination Rogue

Note the worried expression on her face.  Well may she worry.   As her dungeon test, she got in mid-to-finish on Vault of the Wardens and it felt like she wasn’t doing much damage.  I sent her back into the queue and got Darkheart Thicket.  While everything went well, it just had that squishy feel, you know?  See me fight with my toothpicks!  Wahhh!

Out in the world she was in Stormheim for a Skinning quest “Seymour and Agnes”.  Hmmpf what a mean mom.   Against individual creatures, no problems, everything down fast.  Still.

When I got back to Dalaran, I felt like someone should send her a note:

She’s a character whose talent choice notes I can’t find and I picked some, but they are not likely to stay as they are.

Master Poisoner
Cheat Death
Prey On The Weak
Toxic Blade
Hidden Blades

Squished! Retribution Paladin

My Paladin (seen here as she was) is finishing Val’sharah.   No problems handling any mobs. 

Her Dungeon test was Lower Karazhan, but she came in right near the end.  The tank was a Pull Monster.  The Healer begged him not to pull so much, but lots of death ensued.  Before a wipe in the last room, I judged my Paladin to be doing fine. 

I had selected Consecration at it’s tier, because I’ve missed it.  It seems very weak though, so I’m trying Wake of Ashes in it’s stead.

Her Talents:

Blade of Wrath
Blinding Light
Wake of Ashes
Unbreakable Spirit
Word of Glory

Squished! Destruction Warlock

My Destruction Warlock tested her squishiness level on a spider quest (agh, Why Did It Have To Be Spiders!) on the Broken Shore.   They had nothing going for them, wave their many legs as they might.  I’m seeing no squish for this character at all.

Her test Dungeon was Neltharion’s Lair.  Completely smooth with a Paladin Tank (Paladin Tanks are the best!) who was cautious and hmm, only the Healer died.

Her talents had more changes, but I went with:

Dark Pact
Demonic Circle
Roaring Blaze
Channel Demonfire.

Squished! Fire Mage

I’m running my Sevens (as I now call my Blackwater 110s) on some quests and through a dungeon to see how the stat changes have affected their abilities.

First up was my Fire Mage who is finishing up Stormheim.   No squishy feel at all for her, she was able to steamroller all the bad guys.   That’s what I’m looking for.

Her dungeon test was the Court of Stars.  Absolutely no problems.  (Draggy Tank, cough, cough, but everyone caught up pretty quickly.  He only died once.)

Her Talents got some rearrangement, but I took most of the same ones, except I took Phoenix Flames because I really like using the skill and it is now a Talent choice.  It does feel a bit less powerful now, but I noticed that in the beta as well. Hoping for some tuning upwards.

Incanter’s Flow
Phoenix Flames
Frenetic Speed
Flame Patch