The Running of the Gnome

This year I decided to try the Running of the Gnomes event on the Scarlet Crusade server. My character was created Thursday and I got her to level 6. I pictured that she’d be in this huge pack of gnomes and no harm would come to her.

By the way, she initially had a soft lavender hair color, then I saw a picture of a past event with all pink haired gnomes. Pink it is. I had to resist playing her too much. You know how appealing new characters are. I also resisted getting her a Tradeskill set. So hard to resist! My plan is/was to delete her after completing the event.

I meant to wait till the event officially started, but I peeked in early, and there were lots of people in the gnome starter area, but no one seemed to be running. Nearby was the npc with the race quest. Click and Accept! Before I knew what was happening I was running through the first banner and the race was on!

There are gnome npcs and markers along the race course to let you know you’re on the right track. The course took an unexpected turn in Elwynn forest near the Brackwell Pumpkin Patch that led right over the river into Duskwood. I knew my level 6 girl would be safe because Elywnn autolevels 1-60, but I thought I’d have some deaths in Duskwood. Luckily, I didn’t die till way on the other side of Darkshire, to a stealthy worgen. This I now know is because the race helpers had cleared the way earlier on in Duskwood.

Right after my first death, I noticed a couple of players flying over head, and then one with a name very like Piglet (thank you, Piglet!) flew ahead and ran interference for my little gnome, killing off predators. Even so, I died to three of the Young Panthers in Northern Stranglethorn.

Near Fort Livingston, my last death was to a stealthed tiger. They’re always going to get you.

And the finish! About 25 minutes to run the distance. Five deaths. Perhaps if I do it next year I’ll go with the crowd. Perhaps I’ll level this character and next year she can run interference for some level 6 gnome 🙂