World of Warcraft: Children’s Week

I got my druid to level 90 and had plenty to do.  She is the leader of our small family guild so I’m always checking potion and other resource supplies.  I have meant to have her finish all quests in Pandaria then work her way downwards through the continents completing every quest.

I planned to get every achievement I could get.  Then I noticed that as much as she had done getting to 90, she did not have a single Title to display.  How was this possible?  I should have earned something, right?  But nooo.


I had to look up what the deal was that made me sooo puny I was titleless.  It turns out there are a bazillion titles you have to do specific things to earn:

wow titles

As it turned out, most in game holidays offered a title once you had done a number of impossible things.  I started with the Lunar Festival and got all but two of the requirements completed.

When Love is in the Air came up I was ready to go, printed Wow Insider Guide in hand.  All my characters can now be Fools for Love.

Noblegarden was easier in some ways but with only a week to complete I really had to drop any other game activities and just grind away.  I made it, and am “The Noble”.

Now we have dread Children’s Week loaded with PVP.  I tried to prepare by sending my low level Warlock into Warsong Gulch a few times.  I thought I would toughen up and practice in each of the required battlegrounds.  ha ha haha.  I looked at Wowhead and elsewhere for tactics and particularly Warlock PVP tactics.  I reek, truly.

Not to be defeated, reekishness or no, I’m going to try to do this anyway.  I’ll be a weenie and do all the non-pvp parts and try to ooze in a battleground daily.  The gory details will appear here.