Some Good Squishiness

I’ve really just been running my 110s through the Darkshore World Quests this week and haven’t worked on leveling any other classes.   Between World Quests and the ruination of Kalimdor, I’m looking at a couple of lower levels.

I looked at my Death Knight (Frost) (Level 101)

and Monk (Windwalker) (Level 100)

and they’re not bad. The most excellent thing is, they didn’t have the item level to do any Legion dungeons before the Great Flattening aka the Stat Squish, but now they can both queue up! Yay!  I’m happiest when I can combine questing and dungeon runs.  Very nice!  I just have to set up their talents it’s off to the dungeons deep.

The Death Knight will be easy, she runs dungeons all the time.

The Monk, though, she might get the Golden Bootski if I can’t do decent DPS with her, and for sure control some of her wild bouncing around.