Happy Winter Veil

Winter Veil’s Ball of Tangled Lights add big flashing bulbs around your garrison, including inside the Town Hall.

The Little Helpers package adds a  PX-238 Wondervolt transformer near your gate.  It turns you into a festive gnome for a time.   There will also be teeny gnome “Little Helpers” sprinkled throughout the garrison yards.

The Festive Outfits package puts these Jolly Sentinels all over.  I pictured all my NPCs wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, but no.

The Old Box of Decorations lines the walkways with candy canes and places wreaths of all sizes everywhere.   I apparently didn’t take a shot of Imported Trees which puts  trees loaded with ornaments and gifts all over.

I started by getting my main character all the packages, and I was using a second character to do the daily quests for the “Savage Gift” which may contain a mount.  As I was being dazzled by character ones’ festive garrison, I thought it sad character two shouldn’t also be awash in Christmas happiness, so I’m having her decorate her garrison to the hilt as well.  So very happy making.  It makes me think once again, if this is the only home we ever get in Azeroth, and they keep adding fun things to it over time, I will be very pleased.