Wow Dreaming

I’ve been playing waaay too much for a couple of weeks now, and it has gotten into my dreams.

So two characters who have a long history and might be lovers or might be enemies agree to meet in a big cave.  Thinking the current video with Anduin and Sylvanas got in my head.   I overhear their conversation, as you do in a game.  I decided/was compelled to go to the meeting place, hide, and see what occurs between them.

The female ports in not far from me.  The male comes riding in on a low rider motorcycle, down the precarious cave path.

They look like EQ2 Halflings once they’re standing next to each other, though I would have thought one an elf and one a dwarf prior to this meeting.

Suddenly they begin talking and I see things are going to go south.  I need to get out of there quick before I’m discovered. 

In my purse!!!! is my toolbar of skills on little tabs of paper.   I look desperately for the Flight Master’s whistle which will get me out of there fast.  Bonk!  There’s a missing piece of paper right where it should be.   I have to use my Hearthstone instead which has a looong channel.  The fight nearby intensifies, I’m running out of time and one or the other will be over very soon to kill me!!!

Luckily I woke up.

The end