Everquest (All)

Look here for sites covering all three versions of Norrath.  I have never played the original Everquest. 

Everquest Official site  Official site of the first version of the game, the one everyone has grand memories of.

Everquest 2  Official Site   This came out close to the release of WOW and seemed to hold it’s head up.  It has housing and built in role play elements, managing to immerse you in the world quickly.

Everquest Next Official Site   Official site for EQ next.  Beta Signup Available.

EQ Next Fans  Forums, news, wiki for the upcoming game.

The Tattered Notebook     Massively’s weekly column devoted to Everquest.

EQNexus  News site for EQ Next

EQ2 Wire  A new site devoted to EQ2

EQ2 Flames    A set of alternate EQ 2 forums where discussions run a bit more freely than on the official forums, but they are still moderated.

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