GameNotes November 5, 2019


I watched only up to and through the World of Warcraft segments.  The All Access channel presenters seemed very disorganized, and were interviewing an eSports guy at length even as the show started on the main stage.  Grrr.

My interest was as much in the mood of the crowd and how the speakers acted as in the information.

I have not cared for J Allen Brack in the past, but I thought his apology was heartfelt.  I’ve seen game staff explain the NGE and lead ups to SWTOR where you’d think someone off camera was threatening the speaker or his family.  There was  real fear in the eyes of those folks.  Brack meant what he said and took responsibility.  I would be surprised if he made all of those bad decisions on his own, but he took the shot for them, and I appreciate that.  It seems some people wanted more depth, but it’s a game convention, not the Senate, where no one ever takes responsibility for anything.

I wrote down that the Diablo 4 cinematic was long and overblown.  Still isometric but with a tiny peek under the hood from some angles.  The response from the audience to the cinematic and presentation was tepid.  There’s the guy all excited with his “we’re taking you to Hell” battle cry and I don’t feel that’s where the audience wanted to go.

Then we get Shadowlands, the leaked title of the next World of Warcraft expansion.  I was hoping it would be something else, but a leak is a leak.   Strike two on cinematics.  This was dim and dark and featured Sylvanas taking down the Lich King with her pinkie.   I thought she had a few good moments early in BFA.  Since then, her low growl and rising invulnerability make her uninteresting.  I don’t see her as any type of heroine.  She’s become soul less and evil.  She tears down the veil between life and death. Why?

This is certainly not the story players needed after being dragged through the recent war.  They needed some other adventure.  Something good for a change.

Level squish.  I’ll get over it, but I really feel unmotivated to level anyone to 120, knowing they’re going to lose 70 levels with Shadowlands.   I can see no reason for setting everyone back just to crawl back up to where we were someday, if they let us.  I think they should reconsider, and stop endlessly tweaking class skills, up 3%, down 5%, and on and on.   They should have that all down pat by now.  Work on other parts of the game. Add housing. Add guild halls. Put Guild perks back in and develop how those make it rewarding to play together.  Build a world, not just a theme park.  Take a good look at the ways people work together in Classic, not because they’re forced to, but because it’s a better, faster experience.  Because it makes you happy to help someone, and it feels good to get help with a quest that you’re chipping away at.

Cleric. So caring!  It’s the Mom Thing.



From IGN, the 21 Side Quests that are always in RPGs

They certainly have a lot of them pegged!  Of them, I actually love to get the Murder Mystery types.


The Five Games of Time To Loot

I’ll bite on this (now meme).  Its very easy!

Star Wars Galaxies Emu

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic

Elder Scrolls Online

Everquest 2



This week I struggled getting my Priest to Level 10.  Molasses is the word that kept coming to mind.  No exciting level 10 quest, they simply send you to Stormwind to talk to a Priest in the Cathedral of Light who hands you the Desperate Prayer skill.


The other character getting playtime was my Paladin.  She even went in the Deadmines!  A successful run, but not without death.  Several.  Ya, ya, still no decent pants.


I liked the way these two dead creatures looked like they were talking.



Three IntPiPoMo pics for today.  Up to four total.  I’ll have to toss in more posts to get to 50!

GameNotes October 29, 2019

It’s all about the Hunters this week.  I’ve got two.  I’ve left the Atheren version sit under a tree till things settled down on the server.  Here she is, ready to hunt.  I thought I could tell a mini-story since the game has speech balloons (something I never knew about Classic).  Even in Rut’theran  Village, people kept running by and even swimming by, so I had to wait for them to get off screen.  The nerve.

(It turns out I was tired when I named him the night before)

I released Snuggle and got a new cat properly named Snuggles.


This Hunter will stay in Kalimdor.   The second Hunter has Engineering.  There is no Mining or Engineer Trainer in Darnassus. Also, bizarrely no Blacksmith Trainer, fyi.  Good Grief.

I decided to either work from Loch Modan onward into the Wetlands with Hunter 2, or go ahead and go to Westfall.   I’m just more comfortable in Stormwind, plus I have a Gnome Mage and Dwarf Priest who will do the Loch Modan plus route.   As a bonus to my Engineer, there seem to be Malachite and Tiger’s Eye drops from a variety of creatures in Westfall.  Those awful Harvesters drop all manner of Engineering parts.

Hunter is very good so far, and I think she’s the only character I have who has never died.  Pets are pretty great!  Hunter 2 has a bear.   I have a weakness for bears.

My Warlock finally got in a dungeon!  Deadmines or bust.  Somehow a level 21 Warrior who pulled the room like mad handled everything with the group and nobody died the whole way through.  Honest to God I know that dungeon by heart, but the Classic version is way different.  The last area where the ramps on the ship just keep going up and up and up…yikes.  This was my first encounter with Edwin VanCleef.  He was kind of a fun boss.  Lots of sass talk from him.   And as promised, you go out the dungeon and come out that mine like entrance you see all the time in the hills just above the Lighthouse.  Quite the adventure!



Blizzcon finally is incoming!  My nephew is going!  I’ll have to get all the scoop from him when he gets home.   I did not buy a virtual ticket.  From what I could see, not much is on World of Warcraft, and I only care about that game, none of the others.  From all the rumors it seems the “mystery panels” will be on Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4.  Everyone can be wrong, of course!  If they want to finally make player housing available, we can talk.


Outer Worlds

Outer Worlds is getting a huge positive response from players.   I didn’t realize it was first person only, all you ever see of yourself is a gun sticking out of the bottom of the screen.  That’s a game killer for me.   How are you supposed to be immersed in a world you never see yourself in?   Too bad.   I really had high hopes for the game.   Sixty bucks still in my pocket 🙂