Rift Home Sweet Home

I started with the Sanguine Shores “starter home” which I called “home sweet hovel.”   A pretty setting but a tiny hut.  I found it a little depressing to tell the truth.

Rift Sanguine Shores


Then I found I had enough money to buy the next size home.  I couldn’t really find pictures of it to see if was worth my coinage but what the heck, I thought.  ah, how incredibly more spacious and beautiful it is than the hovel.  I’ve been slowly purchasing and finding by happenstance (looting creatures) plants, trees, bits of furniture.  I can buy recipes to make some things but I need special coinage from doing daily crafting quests so I’ve been working on those with both characters.  Both can use the house, and decorate, so I only need to spend time and money on one place.  It is shaping up nicely, and it makes me want to play more to get it all snuggly.

The Entrance Hall

Rift Breach Chamber Entrance


The Bedroom Area

Rift Breach Chamber Bedroom Area


The Garden Area

Rift Breach Chamber Garden Area