Blackwater Raiders and Shadow Council Combining

By bizarre chance I had put some cute little Horde characters on Shadow Council. I’m not so interested in inflicting Moonguard hijinks on another set of low level characters. So I killed them off and re-created them on another hopefully uninfested server.

It would seem disloyal to say “For the Horde” so I’ll say “For my cuties!”

Horde Warlock

Connected Realms


The List of Realm Connections keeps changing.  It seems to be a mostly smooth transition, except for Nessingwary which experienced the loss of player characters in large numbers.  Some players report that they still don’t see many other players.  Small PVP realms which merged and are now overwhelmingly Horde are a despair to the Alliance players on those servers.  Some realms describe overcrowding, and the inability to get quest mobs and resources because of increased competition.  Very long dungeon queues are also reported (40+ minutes).   WOW Insider reports subscribers are down another 100k to 7.6 million (still a hefty number of paying customers).  I had thought that once these realms had the new connections, CRZ, hated by most, including me, would disappear.  It appears that is not the case, and that CRZ remains, which ratchets up the competition to do anything in the play world, and in some cases keeps you connected with realms who really should be off in a corner alone somewhere.   There is anticipation that a new expansion will be announced at Blizzcon this weekend, and all will be well.    I’ll work to keep the connections list and this pithy paragraph updated as new information comes in.


wow connected realms


Completed Connections

  • Aegwynn and Gurubashi
  • Anub’arak and Chromaggus/Garithos
  • Auchindoun and Laughing Skull
  • Balnazzar and Warsong
  • Black Dragonflight and Skullcrusher
  • Blackwing Lair and Detheroc/Dethecus
  • Blood Furnace and Mannaroth
  • Burning Blade and Onyxia
  • Chromaggus and Garithos
  • Daggerspine and Aegwynn/Hakkar
  • Dalvengyr and  Dark Iron
  • Dentarg and Whisperwind
  • Drak’Tharon and Firetree/Rivendare
  • Dunemaul, Maiev, Boulderfist and Bloodscalp
  • Hakkar and Aegwynn
  • Haomarush and Detheroc/Dethecus/Blackwing Lair
  • Nesingwary and Vek’nilash
  • Rivendare and Firetree
  • Stonemaul and Bloodscalp/Maiev/Boulderfist/Dunemaul
  • Tortheldrin and Frostmane

Future Connections

We currently anticipate two additional batches of realm connections as indicated below. We do not currently have a date for these connections, but will provide further updates when we can.

​Batch 1

  • Scilla and Ursin
  • Undermine and Anvilmar (on hold)
  • Malorne and Firetree/Rivendare/Drak’Tharon
  • Quel’dorei and Sen’jin
  • Gul’dan and Skullcrusher
  • Echo Isles and Draenor
  • Fizzcrank and Aggramar

Batch 2

  • Lethon and Detheroc/Dethecus/Blackwing Lair/Haomarush
  • Smolderthorn and Chromaggus/Garithos/Anub’arak
  • Gorgonnash and Warsong
  • Winterhoof and Kilrogg
  • Lightning’s Blade and Burning Blade
  • Cairne and Perenolde

Batch 3

  • Azshara and Azgalor
  • Nathrezim and Chromaggus/Garithos/Anub’arak/Smolderthorn
  • Nazgrel and Vek’nilash/Nesingwary
  • Fenris and Dragonblight
  • Arygos and Llane

Plans for these connections may change at any time, but we’ll provide additional updates on specific dates for future connections here as we can. Please note that as a part of the connection process realm times may change to match each other.

For more information on Connected Realms, please read the preview blog post here.

WOW Insider on Virtual Realms

Here’s an interesting panel discussion on Virtual Realms featuring WOW Insider writers.  I wish they hadn’t been so reluctant to offer their opinions initially, as once they got talking it was quite interesting.  In a nutshell, they seemed to find the idea of Virtual Realms more workable than CRZ has been so far.


round table

Darkmoon Island and the CRZ

On Sunday when I logged in and went to Darkmoon for the profession quests I was astonished to find the place packed to the gills, standing room only.  The game had without mention of it added Darkmoon Faire to the Cross Realm Zoning, and in a big way.  I didn’t count how many realms were represented but it looked from the forums as if some people were seeing as many as 15 realms crammed in.  You really couldn’t get at anything without some patience.  There was no hope of any fishing treasures.

By yesterday morning it had calmed down and we now have people from five different servers in the area.  You can do all of the quests easily, but the competition for fishing treasures is wild, much more intense than it was previously, so I’m lucky if I can circle the entire island twice and get two pools.  I send all my characters in to advance their trade skills so between all of them I’m still able to find treasure enough.

I do wish the developers would re-think the CRZ and take it away.   The ugly behavior of other server people is compounded by the fact that you can’t even put them on ignore, because “that player doesn’t exist”.  Clearly they do.  If you’re on my server grabbing my stuff and filling the air with piggy talk, then you do exist and I want to be able to make you go away.

There is no question in my mind that the population and character of Blackwater Raiders has dropped and dropped and dropped since the CRZ.  I could see it right away.  I liked Raiders because it was a sort of happy friendly server.  That character is simply gone, drowned out by Moonguard.

Needless to say I have seen this sort of large game change thrust upon players elsewhere, and it ended badly.  I’d like to think Blizzard, who I always thought had a good relationship with its players, would step back and say, oops, lets look at another solution for low population servers.

Heading to Guild Level 22…

Our little guild sort of timed out at about 64% of the way to level 21.  OMG!  So close to getting to level 25.  I’ve been trying to beg and rah rah everyone including myself into finding ways to grind out those quests to ease us the rest of the way up.  Thanks to my ever hard working spouse we got level 21 and are now 10% to lvl 22.  We’re going to make it somehow.

Once there I feel like I can relax but…

For me, the CRZ continues to be a horrible annoyance because of one of the realms we share space with (which means anytime you aren’t in Stormwind or Pandaria they inundate you with vileness).  I have actually been doing daily quests this last week or so, now that I think of it, (as a good way to level) and so except in Dalaran I’m not running across them as much. Bliss.  I can almost see the point of view of all of the apologists and bootlickers (couldn’t think of the milder term I needed) who go wild and hit any post on the forum which is anti-CRZ.  If they aren’t matched with a scummy server they aren’t leading The Life.   And I do notice that many times when someone describes the horrors of the CRZ they are matched with our Verminous Scummy Piggie Pals.

erp piggie