GameNotes 2/25/20

Through the magic of dropping back to work in the area of another expansion, all of those icky corrupted items have disappeared from my game.

Atherne is working her way through Northrend, something she’s never done.  I’ve always just dungeon leveled past most of it.  I wish it were easier to see the actual quests she needs.  I’m four quest achievements short in Dragonblight, and I just can’t see any quests to pick up anywhere to work on those.  I’m hoping Wowhead comes through as always.

I did get three quests in quick succession that required disguises.  I love the silly disguises in this game.



So, is this guy the Bolvar everyone is so excited about?  He was kind of a stiff and had nothing to say.

My level 92 Hunter is loving Draenor.  It remains my favorite of all the expansions, I think.  Getting that home of a Garrison, finding treasures, the fishing and cooking are great.  I love most of the areas of it’s world.   She has skinning, so it’s fun to kill all the beasts there.

I see you can opt in for the Shadowlands testing.  Ha!  I had actually  looked one day in my account to uncheck testing and couldn’t find it.  I do like how transparent Blizzard is when they test, their beta forums are right up for everyone to read, there’s no NDA, just here’s where we are today.  I just am not interested in stepping into this next bit.

I spent an hour or so tonight in Classic, working in Duskwood with a couple of people.  I like that there are still plenty of people around, and finding help is not hard.  Except for dungeons, I don’t ever see the dungeons I need.


In ESO, I bought the new Elsweyr house, decorated.  I didn’t get pictures though and they’re doing their big steamroller of a download so I’ll get some next week.  It’s really nice, and was not expensive.


A couple of games looked interesting this week.