GameNotes February 4, 2020

Death At Darkmoon!

The new Arcade is up at the Darkmoon Faire!  It’s right behind the roller coaster, and is very hard to miss.  It needs to show up on the island map, and have lots of lights to show the way to it, or those great goblin neon light arrows.  The area itself looks very innocuous, with only the arcade machine and it’s operator standing at the front.  When you open/play many of the games, they come up right in that open area.  Other players who are working on games run right through yours.  These aren’t instanced like the leyline games in Nazjatar.

Here are the games.  Just click on the one you want and it will offer a description and tips for the game as well as a Start the Game! option.


HexSweeper is apparently based on Minesweeper (?)   You get a grid and you’re supposed to identify safe spots vs. the spots that will kill you in a second.  I do not see what the 0s and 1s represent, in theory one is safe and the other not, but I didn’t want to die again to figure it out.  Who knew there was a graveyard on Darkmoon Island?

HexSweeper Rules


Runematching is everyone’s favorite Bejeweled-Alike.



Bull-E Is the Leyline Puzzle from Nazjatar, only initially less torturous


Barrells O Fun is just the old shell game-the actual one where someone puts a pea under a walnut shell and moves it around fast and you’re supposed to pick where the pea is.  Hmm I guess there’s a cup and ball version too.  The arcade version isn’t hard but you’re kind of far away from the barrels and there a bit behind the console…it may be you can just go out nearer the puzzle as you can with a couple of others, I did not try.


Remembery is the in game Shell Game which I love to death.   Like the old Concentration card game.


Totemic Matris sounds so doable in the instructions, but it will be awhile before I conquer this one.   You toggle the totems between fire and water, trying to get them all to be water.  They’re interconnected in groups of four.


Slowly coming up out of the Dead Computer Slog.  Re-loading everything, since it should safe on a new pc, right?


Alan Wake

Broken Age

Dear Esther

Fallout 4

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell

Mass Effect (1)

The Witcher (1)



Secret World Legends

Everquest 2

Lord of the Rings Online

Elder Scrolls Online is a given.

Star Wars Galaxies Emu will stay on my laptop where it’s safe.


Porcine Piggybank

I haven’t been playing ESO much, so missed out on the new Bristleneck War Boar, which looks very adorable.  MassivelyOp has an article on the ire raised by the fact that this porky praline adds FIVE inventory slots for all your characters.

The Elder Scrolls Online introduces new cash shop pet that increases your inventory and raises some eyebrows

If it were ten, it would be more appealing and perhaps more controversial.   I think it’s fine in any case.  I wouldn’t get him for his five slots.  I save all my money for houses in the game. The best thing is commenter Schlag Sweetleaf, who comes up with brilliant little illustrations for any topic you can think of, created this awesome picture:


IGN’s Best Solo Boardgames

Looking through my notes, I liked an article at IGN called The Best Solo Board Games.  To me, board games are meant to be played face to face with your opponents so you can see what they’re up to.  So much is given away.

On the other hand, many of these really are multi-player, and if you can play through on your own easily enough, you can explain the new game to the group a bit better.  Most of the games sound great!


The Level Squash

Eurogamer talked with Blizzard about the upcoming “level squash” when Shadowlands is released.   It does not quite sound like a parsed out plan yet.  It is early days, but read through and see if you can imagine how it will work and if it can be done as currently envisioned.


Darkmoon Arcade

I’m so excited for the Arcade being added to Darkmoon Faire.

The mini-games World Quests get better all the time, and I will be spending a lot of time in the Faire once these are out.   I go where ever the Match game is available, and have come to find the Rune Matching game relaxing.   I don’t know the Minesweeper game Hexsweeper is based on, but I’m willing to be blown up a few times giving it a try.   We see they slipped in the Leylines game, but maybe I’ll get better at the concept once I see it in it’s simplest solving stages, then move up to the complex puzzles.   One token and you can play all day!



Only Need Tortollan Seekers and Rustbolt Resistance at Revered.  Doing very well plinking along in World Quests.


Paladin is up this week as the main character.  I’m eager to get her to Duskwood.  Getting all the lowbies to 10 or 20 depending on where they’re at.  Uneventful!   I’m finding it hard to get screenshots for my IntPiPoMo.   Hopefully spending a little time in some of the other games listed will produce some useful screenshots.


One screenshot this time, really digging! Its a tiny house up in the hills by Northshire I’m not sure is still in the game with and Alchemy and Herbalism Trainer inside.

Up to five screenshots for IntPiPoMo.   I can do it!


Darkmoon Faire: Home Again

While checking all my characters pockets to see if they had the current Timewalking dungeon quest to turn in, I tallied all the Darkmoon Faire quests everyone had accumulated. I decided to send them to the faire just for the experience points.

Imagine my delight when all of the craft quests there were once again giving out 5 crafting points for each quest. Fixed! I immediately started sending in everyone that had Darkmoon quests from dungeoneering, and all crafters.

It has always been such a favorite way to inch everyone along, even characters not currently not in play.

At this time of year, in World of Warcraft, I get in a habit doing the Darkmoon Faire each month, and also sending in as many as are eligible to the various Timewalking Dungeons as they occur. It’s just a nice way of making progress without feeling there’s a grind.

Darkmoon Island and the CRZ

On Sunday when I logged in and went to Darkmoon for the profession quests I was astonished to find the place packed to the gills, standing room only.  The game had without mention of it added Darkmoon Faire to the Cross Realm Zoning, and in a big way.  I didn’t count how many realms were represented but it looked from the forums as if some people were seeing as many as 15 realms crammed in.  You really couldn’t get at anything without some patience.  There was no hope of any fishing treasures.

By yesterday morning it had calmed down and we now have people from five different servers in the area.  You can do all of the quests easily, but the competition for fishing treasures is wild, much more intense than it was previously, so I’m lucky if I can circle the entire island twice and get two pools.  I send all my characters in to advance their trade skills so between all of them I’m still able to find treasure enough.

I do wish the developers would re-think the CRZ and take it away.   The ugly behavior of other server people is compounded by the fact that you can’t even put them on ignore, because “that player doesn’t exist”.  Clearly they do.  If you’re on my server grabbing my stuff and filling the air with piggy talk, then you do exist and I want to be able to make you go away.

There is no question in my mind that the population and character of Blackwater Raiders has dropped and dropped and dropped since the CRZ.  I could see it right away.  I liked Raiders because it was a sort of happy friendly server.  That character is simply gone, drowned out by Moonguard.

Needless to say I have seen this sort of large game change thrust upon players elsewhere, and it ended badly.  I’d like to think Blizzard, who I always thought had a good relationship with its players, would step back and say, oops, lets look at another solution for low population servers.

There’s Treasure Everywhere

theres treasure

I enjoy a game with loads of loot.  I like it when there are tons of places and ways to get rare or interesting objects.  My latest discovery is that there are floating piles of junk along the beaches in Darkmoon Faire which hold crates that have things like Windwool Cloth, Level 70 Health Potions, Black and White Trillium ore, a Sea Pony Pet (Soulbound) and just fun stuff.  Competition can be fierce for these and creepos will come along and fish from your little wreckage pool to get a crate.  I never appreciated those little black vials of potion that let you walk on water.  Invaluable here so you can get to the spawns in the rocks offshore quickly, and maybe get to spawns on the east side of the island that aren’t accessible otherwise.   I have to quit tossing those potions.