Guild Nite: Razorfen Kraul

For the first time we had all five dungeoneers in our run be guildies. What a different and fun experience. My Resto Druid did great (nobody died) despite a speedy run and tons of knock backs and stuns from bats and the pig like creatures in the fen.

Three of us do dungeons all the time and two play through in other ways. Everyone had a good time.

I made sure everyone had every bit of armor, potions, scrolls, glyphs, anything I can make to help things go more smoothly. Honestly it was the sort of preparation you do to have people over for dinner. Luckily it went well. Next week an all new dungeon.

Panda Night

Our small family guild is boldy trying to have a guild dungeon night. We run two dungeons once a week. This week tragically we did Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery. You know what I’m saying. Scarlet Halls actually went well.

One brief and well deserved death. (Ha ha only three of us guildies in the group so this was an unsuspecting outsider.)

Scarlet Monastery…I hate that place on any character. Too many mobs attacking any way you shake it. Death death death. I’m healer in our little group and I think I’m doing well, but our tank who is a Brewmaster currently (but is getting a Warrior in position) thinks I should heal only him, nobody else. “People die” is his bon vivant quote, as long as it isn’t HIM dying. If it is HIM then OMG you reek, you must change to DPS, blah blah blah. Ha! I refuse! My Panda girl was born to heal.

We shall see how it goes next week with one more guildie filling our ranks and the Warrior tank.

Let’s Talk About The Epeen-O-Meter and Other Add-Ons for WOW

Rough times in the dungeons these days. Everyone and their Alt seem to be leveling their characters to 90 by Hook or Dungeon Crook. I’m doing the same.
Currently I’m working between several with my Warrior being the out front of the pack leveler. I need her Blacksmithing and Mining skills big time.


Add-Ons are not something I use, and I have never used them. I ask people I know who do, what they use, and what it does for them out of curiosity and still see no reason to use them.

If every person in the dungeons except me is using them, then doh, even more reason not to use them. I am not seeing, except in rare groups, anyone playing much better than everyone else. Some groups, everyone plays well. Maybe one in ten groups at any given level.

Do you ever wonder if the developers take into account how Add Ons will be used when they make changes to the game? Do they not bother much refining some features or skills because they know an Add On will compensate? Do they go seemingly overboard on some changes to counteract what an Add On will do?

The most pervasive Add On is Recount. This displays everyone’s damage and is always displayed by the person who came out on top in the rankings. With my Rogue and Shaman I cringe to see it. They are my lowest levels for a reason.

The Official Epeen-O-Meter!

I have noticed with my Hunter reaching 85 and my Warrior and Paladin in the 70s that the counts don’t tend to get posted. I take it they sort of ruin the whole I am Da Uber thing for the puny boys and girls who need constant feedback regarding their greatness.

Via MMO Champion, Another Poll! Blizzard Asks Which Dungeon You Would Blacklist

Among other blue guy news, there is a poll here asking which dungeon you’d blacklist.  Does this mean I could yank Vortex Pinnacle out of the random dungeon list?  Must look into this.

Which dungeon would you blacklist?

Mogu’shan Palace
Shado-Pan Monastery
Gate of the Setting Sun
Temple of the Jade Serpent
Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery
Siege of Niuzao Temple
Scarlet Halls
Dear Blizzard: 
Please revamp every single painful Pandaria Dungeon.  Put Scarlet Monastery, Scarlet Halls and Scholomance  back the way they were.   Use your Burning Crusade Dungeons as a template.  Don’t ever make a boring Violet Hold dungeon again.
Sincerely, Atherne

Poll: What Class Is Most Likely To Try To Steal Aggro From The Tank In A Dungeon?


I’ve actually seen about five of these types just run on out there before the tank gets a shot at anything recently.  It is my sense that there are a lot of returning players coming back to level characters for the expansion and they don’t have patience with anything, let alone a non-draggy tank.

Cloak Tower

It turns out you can queue up for a dungeon with  letter K.  Also when you first log in it comes up as an option.

The Tool gives you no idea how long the wait might be, so you have to examine your toes, check the bank, whatever.

Neverwinter Cloak Tower Queue


I got twitchy so I started an escort quest bringing a certain googly-eyed Mrs. Linkletter through the sewers (is there any other way?) to meet the oily wizard Razzad.  I was right at the end of it when the Cloak Tower group popped up as ready.  Had to start over after the tower, of course.

Speaking of googly-eyed, I worked on my character’s features at length, but when she arrived in the world she was sort of bug eyed and she is stuck “gooning” everyone, as we say around our house.

Neverwinter Ranger

The environments were cave areas, and everything was underground with the way between levels being spiral staircases.

Fights were fast.  Boss fights were fast and no problem.

If we were operating at all with the traditional tank, healer DPS roles, I couldn’t discern it.  Everyone just went flying in, killed the npcs, and that was it.

I won’t worry about the next one, and I’ll hope I’m on some shorter quest sequence when the queue is ready.

Dungeon Challenge! Go ahead and try this at home!

As I was thinking of posts for this month, I thought I’d like to write about dungeons.  Since most of my experience is with World of Warcraft dungeons, I could certainly write about those because there are some I love and some I hate.   That isn’t exciting enough for me this month, so I had the scathingly brilliant idea of looking at dungeons across three other games and I would compare the experiences.

I wanted to do Guild Wars 2, Everquest 2 and Rift.  These are all games I’ve just dipped my toes in and have liked but haven’t taken the time to play and level any character.  To my surprise, Everquest 2 dungeons at the lowest levels aren’t run by anyone because the rewards are so crummy.  Also Everquest 2 apparently features Solo Dungeons, these must be designed this way, not just a formerly group dungeon that is now too easy.  That’s what I found in reading up on them anyway.   They also have a Dungeon Maker Tool which allows you to create your own dungeon.  That sounds way cool, but you would want to have played through a number of existing dungeons in the game to get a feel for what is possible and expected from a good dungeon here.  Bummer.  I substituted Neverwinter for it.

For Guild Wars 2,  I’ll need to get to level 25, and apparently five levels before I get there, I will get a cheery email letting me know my opportunity is coming up to visit the Ascalonian Catacombs.  Dungeons have 2 modes, Story Mode, which you must complete before getting a shot at Explorable Mode.  Groups of up to 5 players, not five players required.  Content does not scale according to the number of party members, you face the same challenges whether there are three of you or five.  Isn’t that interesting?  Dungeons are influenced by dynamic events and party members actions.  Again, I’m sure how that plays out but very intriguing.

The Ascalonian Catacombs your first Guild Wars 2 Dungeon

Ascalonian Catacombs


At level 16 I can queue for the Cloak Tower in Neverwinter.  I don’t have too much else on these but they call them Dungeon Delves which is rather atmospheric, isn’t it?

The Cloak Tower your first Neverwinter Dungeon

cloak tower dungeon neverwinter


In Rift I can get a quest called Crown of the Twyll  which leads to the Realms of the Fae Dungeon at level 15 from Shyla in Sanctum which looks to be in Silverwood from my notes.  5 players required.  The Looking for Group Tool looks for 1 tank, 1 healer, 1 support, 2 dps.   I’m not sure at this point what they see as a support role.

Realms of the Fae your first Rift Dungeon

realms of the fae dungeon rift


I’ve already started the Challenge, working to get my characters to level.  I found my Sylvari Ranger was getting the vaboo knocked out of her so I created an Asura Engineer who is having a much easier time.

My Rift Pyromancer is fun to play.  If I could wrest her away from the fishing quests in Silverwood I’m sure she’d move along faster.  Yesterday, while casting about, suddenly my HEAD BECAME DISPLACED from the rest of my body.  All I did was step a few feet left for a better fishing spot and there was my head floating in the air behind me.  My hair came with me.  When a big call went out to fight baddies I ran and did those, even saw my first Rift (which is an ugly monstrosity of a thing).  I kept hoping my head would re-connect, and I was a little embarrassed to be fighting toe to toe with others with no face but no one seemed to notice.  I hope it is back together today, sigh.

head shot

Need to get scooting on my Neverwinter girl today as well.

Take the challenge!  Choose three games you’ve been meaning to play, get your characters dungeon ready and get in there and dive, dive dive.  (Dungeon Dive, that is.)

Fun in the Blood Furnace

I love World of Warcraft Dungeons.  They are wildly variable depending on the group.  I know them well enough so I avoid some of them with my Priest because I know where the points are where everything can go south and you won’t be able to heal the tank or anyone else if you have a goofy group.

My favorite dungeons are The Burning Crusade dungeons.  I don’t think there’s a single one I don’t like. (my Priest isn’t quite up to them yet).  I like the Blood Furnace because it really is straightforward and little ever goes wrong.  The group just sails on through.

So I queued up my warrior Gnome who was sooo close to level 60 and this would do it.   I was in a good mood and asked the group if anyone else had the phrase “come at me bro” stuck in their head.  One guy said it was there all day yesterday.  Good sport.  Another guy starts in on the tank for not being in Blood spec.  And the Panda healer for not being in healing spec.

For some bizarro reason neither of them changed their spec.  The tank pulled a group or two poorly and he got the BOOT.  Luckily everyone loves the Furnace so we got a quick and fine replacement (as you know in some dungeons once the tank is out you wait and wait and wait.)

Soon, the Pathetic Panda healer is saying how HARD WE ARE TO KEEP HEALED.  Whoa lil’ bear, how about if you switch to a healer?  But no, another fool addicted to the spin move.  Probably just queued as a healer to get in faster but really wanted to be DPS.  He pulled his own furry self out all of a sudden.  Luckily we got a decent healer replacement in a trice.  Kudos to the Blood Furnace and its simplicity once again.

I do love a good dungeon.  Fig. “A”

blood furnace