Elder Scrolls Online: Alik’r Magic

So. I was working on the Psijic Order quest to find time breaches on Iliac Bay. The Glenumbra and Stormhaven breaches were easy enough to locate, but how to get to Alik’r to get the rest? After a little research, I found you could take a boat from Wayrest. I had a Templar working on the Stormhaven area who also had that quest line, so I sent her by boat from Wayrest on over.

Wonders and magics! What a beautiful place, with treasures and resources as soon as you step off the boat. The story lines are very different from other areas. The furnishings and tapestries and rugs are sumptuous.

Dolmens are packed.

Next thing you know, I have three characters there and once I get the Gardner House in Wayrest on Sunday, I may send everyone!

I should be working on the Elsewyr pre-quests but, fortune and glory!

April 2019 Gaming Goals

Better late than never, eh?

March goals were basically leveling in World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online, April will be more of the same.

World of Warcraft

I’m working towards 120 number three in Warcraft with my Rogue. I wasn’t going to do the Norwington Estates area, but I’ve sent my Rogue along that route because I realized I’d missed Anglepoint Wharf just a bit further on with my Druid and Warlock. I was pleased my Rogue did the infamous Stoats with so little trouble I didn’t realize she’d finished the quest requirements. I try to do all of the silver elites, but a Turtle Thing killed me pretty quickly with spin moves near the Estates. I love skinning in this area with my Rogue, it just seems like you get lots of (stuff). Once I got to the horse quests at Norwington, I found myself sliding down the road to the Wharf. Two more levels for her, then my Paladin.

I’m having odd screenshot problems with Wow. First the screenshot folder disappeared, then pictures where going into a “retail” folder. Now they go nowhere. I’ve looked at various fixes without luck. I could play it on my laptop to get pictures.

Elder Scrolls Online

My goal here was to get characters to level 30. I think I have three, with others close. It’s a pretty loose goal. The only thing I notice as I level is I can find new ores and cloth. I felt more powerful with everyone at level 18, but not since then, that I’d say, oh yeah, see me roar. It’s all a matter of armor and weapon upgrades.

Still, aside from Galaxies, I’d say there’s more variety in things to do in this game than in anything else I’ve ever played. It’s a constant treasure hunt. My Redguard Templar, whose turn it is this month, has like +1000 luck. She finds everything, and practically trips over treasure chests wherever she goes. I love her.

I bought Mathiisen Manor in Auridon in January, and have been slowly decorating it. I am putting in things I craft myself, and I don’t want to waste materials or home storage space on anything unworthy, so very slow indeed.

March 2019 Gaming Goals

World of Warcraft

I’m back in the game, questing with some randomness between characters, but letting my Druid go ahead as she usually does. I’m getting some fun crafting recipes, which makes me happy. I had the ingredients to Transmute Meat (?) into a Pet. But I got some wierdo squiggly mass I don’t know how to turn into a pet. It must be like the dinosaur eggs. Will have to look it up.

Goals for March
Level up
Try the Island Expeditions. Maybe I’ll love them.
Work on my various crafts.
Do more dungeons.

Elder Scrolls Online

I feared the new Zone Guides might be spoilery, showing me exactly where things I’d missed were. Happily, it just is more like an achievements list that let’s you know what’s possible.

I had already been back in each starting area, completing any quests I missed, doing all the delves, finding the Wayshrines, so this was just a help to see what I may have missed. It’s my habit most evenings to just head out along the roads, zigzagging across the countryside trying to methodically find everything I can before heading back with a full inventory. So I fill in lots on my maps.

I choose a new character each month to get the Daily rewards and play them a bit. I have my favorites that I switch over to as well.

Goals for March

Get everyone to level 30
Have everyone able to do the Daily Crafting Writs, though I don’t always do them Daily.
Continue leveling Main Crafting Character
Move Crafting character along in the Fighters Guild since she’s a Bow Wielder

Atheren’s Adventures The Year In Review 2018

World of Warcraft

The bulk of this year was spent playing World of Warcraft. Right after Blizzcon 2017, I started leveling characters so that they’d be at max level when Battle for Azeroth arrived. I found as I was doing this that I enjoyed the Class quests more than I would have guessed.

I stuck in my toe in some LFR’s, and they weren’t bad at all. I didn’t feel like there was much of a reward for participating in them, which I suppose is the point. You’re supposed to be in a Raid Guild that only let’s you go along if they’re desperate, and they sure aren’t going to let you have any gear drops, because those are for the real raiders. Pretty icky, in my opinion. At least if something is available as LFR you can just leap in there, and experience the content, since many story lines conclude in Raids, apparently. If that’s actually the case, you might want to tweak that so everyone can complete quest story lines start to finish on their own.

Only seven characters were ready when the expansion arrived, and I sent them through each area in kind of a little conga line. It was good, and then it became grindy, particularly in Stormsong Valley (which I’m still not over).

After taking a break in November/December I’ve gone back in with a new plan, an even better plan (Start the Revolution Without Me). I’m going to run characters to 120 one at a time, leading this time around with my Demon Hunter.

I didn’t realize how much I missed bouncing around on my characters on other servers, and creating new characters on new servers. Sometimes I like to drop back to simpler times in the game world. I killed off four characters I never play (still very hard to do). Whoo hoo! I now have six open character slots for creating new characters on realms unknown.

Once again I have to comment on the awful new character models. It would be more palatable if there were barbershop options to change eye size and color, and many more hairstyles and colors available.

Everquest 2

I was really enjoying Everquest 2 earlier this year, and subscribed for a time. Somehow I got caught up in trying to work on crafting for each character, and while it was interesting, it felt onerous after a bit, so I drifted away. I’m certain to return to this game in 2019 as I have some really enjoyable characters there, I like the world, I love the quests.


I participated for the first time. I was really pleased to reach my goal of posting every day, and I liked my content. What started off as a pretty convivial atmosphere among bloggers soon seemed rather clique-y to me. It also seemed to me that there was some unneeded competitiveness and bloggers taking shots at others. No need for that.

On the plus side, I looked at some games in my Steam Library, and really liked them, but need to go back and finish them.

As part of Blaugust, I dipped back into some games I hadn’t played in awhile, Lord of The Rings Online, Wildstar, and Rift and Secret World. I enjoyed my time in all of them, and was sad to see the announcement that Wildstar would close. I will try to make time for the remaining games again in 2019.

Elder Scrolls Online

I started playing this more regularly in September, logging in each day for the Reward. By October, I was playing longer sessions, had truly fallen for the game, and I subscribed. I hope to write about it more, it is so deep and rich.

Star Wars Galaxies (Emu) The other game I’ve played at almost Live Game Levels this year is Star Wars Galaxies, the Pre-Combat Upgrade version. The game remains the most absorbing, live your life in an alternate world experience ever. I’ve always hoped someone would make a game with all of it’s features, but there is still nothing like it.

Return of the The Last Chapter Blog as my Game Blog

It has been a good thing, moving back to my earlier blog. The blog was originally created to share World of Warcraft tips as I was learning them with my guild mates/family. They’re a rowdy bunch, though, and only my spouse always read it. I do like the Pages option at the top for linking to my favorite games and the sites that give guides for playing. That will need quite a bit of work.

I’ve found a bunch of new podcasts to try out, and will work on getting a updated list on the sidebar.

I miss my nice pictures to break up headings on the sidebar, so I’m going to get around that by sticking any picture I want to use on the sidebar in some selected post. Once you do that, it seems to become part of some nice picture archive you can always draw from. Work around solutions ftw.

Elder Scrolls Online

I haven’t too much to say.  I’m glad they finally lifted the NDA.  I have never seen so many people breach the NDA for a game, ever.  Forums, in game chat, waiting in line to buy the Xbox One at Christmas.

It seemed most of the breachers had negative things to say about the game.   Now that the NDA is off, the comments are overwhelmingly positive.  That doesn’t make me confident.

I think the Collector’s Edition stuff is fine, Elder Scrolls games tend to come with BIG packages of goodies.  Nothing new there.  I am unconcerned about getting the Imperial characters because I dislike Imperials and would never play one 🙂

Because there is such a schism of opinion, which I’ve seen before with the launch of other games, and it did not bode well for those games, I’m leaning towards not buying at launch and seeing what a broader more varied player base has to say, especially those who are long time Elder Scrolls players.


eso 1

Tamriel Infinium

I’ve always enjoyed Massively and have a few favorite writers.  One is Larry Everett who has a new column focusing on Elder Scrolls Online called Tamriel Infinium.   He will play and write about the game from his unique point of view.   I enjoy game blogs that focus on a particular game because they give you a bit better feel for what it is like to play and it isn’t all rah rah, play this uber game stuff.

t infinium