Elder Scrolls Online

I haven’t too much to say.  I’m glad they finally lifted the NDA.  I have never seen so many people breach the NDA for a game, ever.  Forums, in game chat, waiting in line to buy the Xbox One at Christmas.

It seemed most of the breachers had negative things to say about the game.   Now that the NDA is off, the comments are overwhelmingly positive.  That doesn’t make me confident.

I think the Collector’s Edition stuff is fine, Elder Scrolls games tend to come with BIG packages of goodies.  Nothing new there.  I am unconcerned about getting the Imperial characters because I dislike Imperials and would never play one 🙂

Because there is such a schism of opinion, which I’ve seen before with the launch of other games, and it did not bode well for those games, I’m leaning towards not buying at launch and seeing what a broader more varied player base has to say, especially those who are long time Elder Scrolls players.


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