GameNotes September 24, 2019

World of Warcraft Classic

I’m still enjoying the Classic game.  I find it immersive and always interesting.  Though I am using Wowhead’s guides to the Classes, I find myself playing them very much as I do on the BFA servers.   In fact, I’ve gotten over the newness of it all enough so that I’m just playing as I do, working on crafts, trying to push ahead on the characters that are most appealing.  Not quite power leveling, but trying to figure out how I can fill that xp bar just a bit faster.

I love the grouping built in, and I’ve been starting groups myself for some boss types or kill 20 of these type quests.  It isn’t easy for me, but it certainly is smoother.  Also, I am not playing this version of the game not to play with others, I can solo anytime, anywhere, but right now, I don’t care to.   I’ve changed my mind on dungeons, and am working my way to level my Paladin and Warrior to send them on in.  They can do it!

Where everyone’s at

Warlock  Level 21

Paladin  Level 13

Warrior   Level 13

Druid  Level 13

Hunter   Level 5

Mage  Level 3

Rogue  Level 3

Priest   Level 6


Gnome who I beat to a node gives me a ton of conjured foods.

Kind soul helps me get Hogger when noone is nearby to group with.

Higher level Priest guildie follows me around for a bit so I can kill the dread 20 harvesters.  Stack em up!

Class Quests

Level 5 Priest cures a Mountaineer with a specific rank of Lesser Heals, then uses Fortitude on him.

Warrior kills Dead-tooth Jack, gets a key, finds she has to go back and kill him again to access a container at his feet for the actual quest item.  This is why people were talking about keys in General Chat!

Warlock level 20 Quest, she has to go to the Barrens!!! I’ll have to research how to even get there.  The way I know would be to go through Stranglethorn to Booty Bay and sail to Ratchet, making my way from there.  Apparently I could take a boat to Theramore from Menethil also?

My Warlock is my main, still.  At Level 21 she is bouncing between Westfall, Redridge and Loch Modan.

I did finish the Loch Modan and Algaz areas, and made the Wetlands run in cool comfort, right at level with everything there so there were no one shots from Crocs this time around.  Nothing approached me.  I kept an eye out for low levels making the desperate run so I could help them if they needed it, as others helped my lowbie Hunter on her run.

Stormwind, My Stormwind!

I find myself looking at all of the little details as I walk through the city.  The bricks, the fiery wall sconces at night, the moon over the Dwarven District.

I love this Stormwind.  There are however a couple of places where I go to make a turn and there is no turn there.  I haven’t explored the whole city, but it is on my list.


Battle For Azeroth, aka The Current Game

As immersed as I am in old Azeroth, the upcoming patch reminds me I have quite a bit of work to do on Reputations.  I spent some time on those.   I love the game overall, and have no understanding of the competition that players have between the two versions.   It makes me happy every time I log into Boralus and hear the music.   There is a ton to do at max level, far beyond just raids, and I’m thankful for that.   My thinking for a long time has been, not that the game “caters” to hardcore or casuals, but that it does a rather amazing job of providing something for players of all levels, interests, and play styles.   That is why it is still here and thriving at the 15 year mark.

GameNotes September 17, 2019

Another week of not much time to play.  I did get my Warlock to level 20, a Warrior to level 10.  A variety of others inching along.

On my mind this week is that any time a character is in Stormwind, there’s a ton of things they need to do there before heading back out.  It’s easy to spend half an hour or more, and it really all needs to be done if my character wants to stay alive.

Get Class or Weapon Training.

Level Cooking with items I store in the bank, then have to haul over to Old Town to use cooking the fire there.

Level other Crafts with materials also stored in the bank because I haven’t the inventory space to carry them around.  Go visit the craft trainer to see if I can get new recipes.

Work on Fishing while there, if I remember, which I usually don’t. Only one character, a Hunter, has decent Fishing Skills.

Mail useful items to alts.

Then off we go.


I love the Class Quests.  My Warrior has one to kill a character named Dead-Tooth Jack.  That’s pretty great right there. I bet he’s soooo easy!


I like my Warrior, and was at first glad not to have mana issues.  Then I found she was a noodle with Rage issues.  I created a second one on another server to see if I could stop being so twitchy, and let the Rage be produced before I try to whack something.   I think I have it now.  We’ll see how Warrior #1 does against Jack.   Both Warriors are Arms because my Current Game Warriors are, and I’m familiar with it.

I think the use and over-use of Auto Attack throws me off.  I never use it in the Current Game, never.   Then again, there are tons of things that are wildly useful here, honestly, at the lower levels, just about everything is useful.   In the Current Game, I pick up tons of trash just to sell to a vendor for repairs.  All the things you actually need don’t drop much, by comparison.

More to write, but 1 am and zzzzzzz.  Safe travels!

GameNotes September 10, 2019

Small notes this week, not much play time, and none over the weekend-but I guess nobody else could play either.

My general thoughts;

To my surprise I don’t think I’ll go in a dungeon anytime soon.  My Warlock certainly has the level, but I haven’t any faith in her ability to fire off spells quickly and efficiently as you want to do in a dungeon.  It’s all soooo slow.  Mana is always an issue.  I’m sure it is for others as well, but I’m responsible for me, not them.  If I can’t do it well, then I’m not ready to do it.  We shall see.  Maybe another class will be more confidence inspiring.

It’s not going to be the large, bulky bear who I can’t even see around.

I kind of like my Paladin and Arms Warrior, but they’re not dungeon level yet.

Hunter is pretty good.

Fishing!  Boy do I hate the “Your Fish Got Away” message as much as the current game message “Your cast didn’t land in fishable water” despite a school of fish being right there.  At least I found a great fishing spot just outside Darnassus.  I need to find a spot like that in Westfall or Stormwind.


The King is a Weasel


Opportunity city!  Icy Veins is expanding their coverage of World of Warcraft Classic and they’re hiring writers!

I momentarily envisioned my name in lights, but they want serious class design writing, and such.   Never fear, I will be writing about it here.   Picture heavy with captions such as “Horde be like…”   “Alliance be like…”  to help you get a feel for the contrast, as I play both sides against the middle.  I am so bad.  I could have all my Horde characters be healers.  har har har.  They’ll never suspect as they flop hither and yon in the throes of death…

Ahem (cough) I wouldn’t do that.




I’ve got a ton of blogs on my blogroll now and no nice snippets.  I started off trying to just click each looking for new posts.  I didn’t get far on the list, so I’ve become a Feedly person.   It is a quick way of catching up, though in most cases you don’t visit people’s blogs so they don’t know you visited.  Kind of sad.  I find I’m a bit obsessive about marking All As Read.  I even went through this morning and scrolled through the 500 or so of IGN’s post to mark it.  Next month I’ll comment more so people know I stopped by and liked what they wrote.


I came across this talk on Fashion in Games on Gamasutra.

I like much of what she says, and would like to see her ideas play out in games.  That said, it made me think of the many LOTRO blogs which compile outfits.  They’re so gorgeous.  And, they make me want to play the game to get that outfit, which is one of Kit’s points, I think.  It’s a way to draw people in.


While we’re on the topic, an article from Kotaku in which people who ‘know fashion’ rate some fashions from popular games.


Unrelated, and now old news, but

I’m unfamiliar with him, and I read all the speculations of doom attached to another founder leaving.  It may be he just wants to spend more time with his family.  That happens a lot!  What I find concerning is that the timing of these higher ups leaving in recent times has been not long before Blizzcon or the release of a new expansion.  It always makes you feel as if they know something that’s imminent that they’re dodging!   I wish him luck in any case.


Game Notes


Over 80% of the way to a level 23 Guild in World of Warcraft thanks largely to my spouse who is awesome & does whatever is needed to help in any way.  Playing my own characters like fiends too. I will be so happy relax and just play once we’re at 25.  I get a bit fiendish about meeting goals.

Rock Paper Shotgun reports that American McGee’s OZombie Kickstarter has been cancelled, which is a shame as it looked really intriguing.  I love the very twisted take on Alice McGee has done, because I like horror and because these are great traditional RPG adventure games.  I thought the author of the article was needlessly harsh in his write up, enough so that it sounded personal.  No need for that.  Also implicit in this discussion is that Kickstarter has had a bit of the shine taken off of it because of a few games which met their goals, people’s money was taken, and then the game was cancelled or stalled.  Speaking of I haven’t had any Planescape updates recently, heh.

Here is a thoughtful article on Kickstarter from Gamasutra

The game I most want to play that I don’t have the machinery for is The Last of Us.  It sounds like a really engrossing story and I’ve had an eye on it since the first trailer.  Between this, Hard Rain and the Uncharted games maybe I will consider a PS4.  As a hardcore PC gamer, I have to say that it used to be you could play every single cool game that came out as long as your pc was up to date.  Now you have a few good games scattered across three different pieces of hardware and your gaming investment is huge if you actually just want to play the good stuff.  Pretty twisted, really.

From Joystiq, a mention of a new intellectual property from Bioware Edmonton’s team.  No real info, just a note they are doing one.  Without the Good Doctors and under the helm under game studio crusher/killer EA I dunno.  Still call me a fish.  I’ll keep an eye on it.



Notes from my old games notebook. It used to be you couldn’t play a game without a note book at hand to help solve puzzles or remember details or codes that would crop up later in the game.  Everything was significant!