Guild Wars 2 Warrior

As you know both WOW and Sony were down yesterday and I had a few spare moments so I took a look at my Guild Wars 2 characters. I had created but not played one of several classes. The Warrior character is just gorgeous, had the ever desirable long hair and she is a monster in combat so far. She has just the right feel that you would want from a sword wielding character, she feels very powerful.

Her in game “voice” is really deep and she sounds like what I might call a “butt buster” girl. You know? “I’m a brute and my foot is coming your way”. I’d rather she had a less monstrous tone. I want elegance and power not Ye Butt Babe.

Here she is rough talking Ido the Tanner.

Guild wars2 Warrior and Ido the Tanner

What I’m Playing

Not that you care but la la la I write what I want to here don’t I?

World of Warcraft  Working on getting all 11 characters and their crafts to max on Blackwater.  Can’t abandon them now.  Archaeology is a killer.  Picked a character on two different servers to be my level 90s there.  Although I think that the Insta-90 is a good thing for others, I can easily crunch two characters along. My Blackwater characters have taught me all I need to know about scooting through this game and leveling up.

Rift  As part of my Dungeon Challenge I’m starting by getting a character to level 10 on all three games.  I was at level 8 here already, so once I played a bit I was there at level 10 in a trice.  Interesting game. Lots going on at all times.  I wanted to jump into an Instant Dungeon at level 10, but no.   She’s the character who had the problem with her head becoming detached.  So embarrassing.

Guild Wars 2   I started off with a Sylvari Ranger who I thought would be like a nice bow specialist and she could whap whap her way to the 10th level.  Just dead too much for my tastes.  So, I thought to try another character type.  I chose an Asura Engineer and she is the cutie of the universe.  She looks like a floppy little rag doll when she runs.  I traded up weapons from a pistol to a rifle and was surprised when my skill bars changed completely.  I thought I’d pick up a new weapon along the way but I haven’t. I’ve arrived at a place with a bunch of crafting stations and I wonder if I’m expected to make my own next gun.  Hope not because I’ve been ruthless with inventory space and have sold everything, including crafting materials, that I couldn’t use.   I need lots of money for repairs, though I’m not dead dead dead usually, unless I get a boss type mob.  I noticed the Sylvari area had lots of people around but there are few in the Asura area so I don’t often have help with “events”.   One and a half levels to get to ten, but this is the girl who needs level 25 to get in a dungeon.

Planescape Torment  All this talk of older games made me twitch to play one so I chose Planescape because it spoke to me and because I backed the Kickstarter for Torment: Tides of Numenara and I’d best sharpen up eh?   You know, when you play a single player game it is so different.  It is just you against the game.  Nothing between you and success or failure but your skills.  Deeper worlds and stories.  More complex classes with no whiny “balancing.”   Everyone should go ahead and take a break sometimes and make it just you and your adventuring skills.  And puzzle solving 🙂

Sunday Word Find Guild Wars 2

You can’t imagine the trouble I had getting this to appear nicely lined up without having it in a table which Word Press displays oddly, in my opinion.   On the plus side, it is a good word find and all of the words are there.   Click to make the Word Search larger.   I had to jam a few words together in the Word List to keep them on the same line because I know zippo html.

Word List

achievements                          Asura

AsuraGate                               combos

bloodlust                                 Charr

conquest                                 dodge

HeroPanel                              Engineer

events                                      flanking

human                                     SiegeWeapons

Norn                                        keeps

ReviveAlly                             scaling

traits                                      waypoints

Sylvari                                    towers

Tyria                                       WarScore

Asura Engineergw2 wf version 10

Guild Wars2 Worlds

I wanted to kill off my neo-Guild Wars 2 character thinking this would clear the decks so I could make a character on my son’s server.  But nooooo.  Even though you’ve cleared a slot of Server A you are seen as doing a “transfer” to the world of “Server B”.   You’re just stuck with your first choice.  That is such a bad policy I can’t imagine what they were thinking.  Why do games come up with these rigid rules?


nsp another world