There’s Treasure Everywhere

theres treasure

I enjoy a game with loads of loot.  I like it when there are tons of places and ways to get rare or interesting objects.  My latest discovery is that there are floating piles of junk along the beaches in Darkmoon Faire which hold crates that have things like Windwool Cloth, Level 70 Health Potions, Black and White Trillium ore, a Sea Pony Pet (Soulbound) and just fun stuff.  Competition can be fierce for these and creepos will come along and fish from your little wreckage pool to get a crate.  I never appreciated those little black vials of potion that let you walk on water.  Invaluable here so you can get to the spawns in the rocks offshore quickly, and maybe get to spawns on the east side of the island that aren’t accessible otherwise.   I have to quit tossing those potions.