Happy 2021!

I hadn’t played anything for awhile, but since the day after Christmas, I’ve been back in World of Warcraft.

First I went through and sent most characters to the Barbershop.

Then, I began a character konga line of my Blackwater Raiders characters (all 50s) to go through the Maw and hold in place in either Oribos or Bastion. I have three other 50s on other servers who I’ve moved forward like little chess pieces as well.

On Proudmoore, where more of my family members play, I’ve been working on leveling the characters, and making sure I have all the Tradeskills covered, and that those are leveled as well.

I finally got my Kul Tiran, and I made a Hunter.

I liked her so much I created two more Kul Tirans on Proudmoore, and one on Earthen Ring. The Earthen Ring one is also a Hunter. For her, I set the goal of getting all of the rare pets in each area of the world. She’s new so she just has the Elywnn Forest set, excluding a Mechanical Sheep. I’ve learned only gnomes and goblins can tame the Mechanicals unless you have a Mecha-Bond Imprint Matrix, made by Engineers. There was one for sale on the Auction House for 19,000 gold! A Bargain! As a little played set of characters, nobody has that kind of money, nor would I buy it if I did. Instead, I’ve sent my Earthen Ring Engineer character to the Legion time era, and she can work her way to getting that recipe.

See how invigorating a new character can be. You just want to dress them up, give them potions and armor, start them off right!

I find I’m sending most of my characters to Draenor, my personal favorite expansion. If they’re already in Legion’s time frame I’ll let them stay there.

I sent one character to the Burning Crusade solely to get enough Netherweave Cloth for my Tailor to make a bazillion Netherweave bags. I know other family members have characters who could make them but for some reason none ever want to share their goods in the guild bank. I thought if I just provided materials on that server people would blossom, but, not so much. I love them though and the bank shall be loaded up. I’m on the job.

Lots of characters, tons to do.

I also did some rearranging of my Steam Library. I put any older lower graphical games on my laptop’s library, and left the bigger things on my PC. I decided to re-start Mass Effect 1.

Very important, my Shepard character came out looking less scary this time. I forgot you can’t get screenshots the usual way in Steam by hitting F12. So annoying. We shall die trying, in the service of a more interesting post (it does work to hit Print Screen then paste into Paint, but death awaits the pasty.)

My plan is to play through the Mass Effect games in sequence. I looked up which class to pick carrying through all the games. I used to play shooters all the time, but haven’t the confidence anymore. Too much flailing and screaming on my end of things. So I went with the plebeian Soldier, largely on the thought that they can use most weapons they pick up. A Screaming Weasel likes to stay armed.

I’ve no posting schedule in mind for the New Year. I might slink something out after a play session, or go for the eight posts a month goal which gives that nice round one hundred posts for the year.

Play well, stay alive.

Atheren Lightrunner

Screenshot Saturday November 23, 2019

Sneaking in a few more screenshots tonight.


Alan Wake

The man has troubles.  When last we saw him, he was a mere 200 yards from Stuckeys, according to the sign.  There is of course no quick way to it, so he goes on a ramble through the woods.  I thought I heard him mutter something about an axe murderer in the woods, but nah, right?

He makes it to a junkyard (I think it’s a junkyard), climbs up a log through a fence, and…

The axe man sure is a weird fool, kind of madly cackling before leaping away.

Alan finds two manuscript pages on the ground!  This is the story he was planning to write next!


I spent a fair amount of time trying to find my way out of the mini-maze of the lot or junkyard or whatever I was in. There was NO FLASHLIGHT! Just a thermos of coffee.

So, of course, who pops up, and I have no flashlight, no weapon, it’s just me and my pal The Axeman.  Did not go well. Will have an opportunity to slow down and look for a flashlight next time.

(Note: My son tells me I have a flashlight, I just need to right click to use it.  He also thinks I have a gun, which I can use by left clicking.  It was all in the Tutorial, he says!  Which I had him do for me because of the Axeman.   I’ll try the flashlight next time, but I’m certain nothing happens when left clicking because I tried that in case I could just punch him.  Unless.  You can only shoot at something pinioned by your flashlight.  Yikes.)


Mass Effect

I was doing really well here this session, no deaths for my squad.  Boom.  Disarming bombs, not difficult, but I ran out of time and didn’t get them all.   22 seconds on the clock with one more to find and BOOM.  Unfortunately, my most recent save is the one with only 22 seconds left, and I have to start the area all over.  I will full save more frequently, agh.


Kind of a bad night.  In the lair of the dragon, I fell several times to the dragon and his kwama pals.  Don’t know how I’m going to beat this guy.


Ten screenshots this post for IntPiPoMo

Total  45



GameNotes November 19, 2019

Another great outfit for one of my characters.  Luckily she got a new shirt soon thereafter.


What the casual Priest wears fishing.   This fishing spot right outside Thelsamar is the first in the Gnome/Drawf area I’ve found that yields pretty good fish even for a low level fisherpersonage.


My Warrior’s Level 20 quest.  If I’m reading this right, he wants my level twenty Warrior to make her way drunk into a cave/area full of mobs level 24 +.   Oh, and get back within an hour!  How twisted is that.


My Paladin who got the most play time this week is level 24.   It helped getting in both the Deadmines and the Stockades.  The Stockades!  You have a kill the Defias quest that has you go in every single room in the Stockades.  Then in the circular rooms, you also have to kill everything.  I can’t believe how long it took to go through.    No Hogger, but there’s Hamhock.


Make Loh Go , Tiragarde.  I almost have the pattern of it.


The level 20 Paladin Quest beginning.  I can’t believe I survived these waves.  I hate waves of things.  I missed that my quest was up at level 20 because neither of the Paladin trainers gave it out, it was another NPC in the Cathedral of Light with a Blue Question mark over his head who had it.  I was tipped by some higher level Paladin in a group when she asked “Where’s your fist?”  Immediately I blurted “You wanna see my fist? High humor.  The questline is long and goes in two dungeons, the next of which is Shadowfang Keep.


You know how it is when someone has your taste in clothes or hairstyle in a game.  Instant buds.


I am having the worst time dragging myself to Mechagon to get my Rustbolt Rebellion rep.  I peeked in when it first came out and haven’t been back.  Now I have to go and I’d rather be anywhere else in Azeroth.  It’s just a nasty junkyard full of stuff that wants to kill you.  So ugly.


I like WQs so much I started my Rogue on them.  I took a ferry to get to one and ran into a bunch of Naga.  Yech.


Riding Grong, the Noble and Intellectual Ape.


Here’s what Boralus looks like at 3 am.


I started Mass Effect again, the original.  I didn’t finish it the first time around, but got pretty far, I think.  Steam’s reliable picture taking doesn’t work on Mass Effect, so the only way to get shots will be to hit Print Screen and pop it into Paint.   I did see some tips on logging in as admin and blah blah, but not worth the tinkering.  I’d forgotten how much I like the Shepard character. The voice acting is great.


How to pin yourself to a wall 101.


I spent a little more time in Elder Scrolls Online hunting for Dragonguard knowledge.

One of those Indiana Jones like leaps of faith as you spread powder to create a path over a chasm.


Into the Dragon’s Lair.  Why did it have to be filled with Kwama?


16 shots in this post for IntPiPoMo.

35 total.  Ta da.  Getting there.