Call of the Sea: A Classic Adventure

I picked this up at the Winter Steam sale and have just started it.

Norah Everhart is on an uncharted “island of death” alone, looking for her husband who disappeared in June of 1934 while on an expedition to find a cure for her unnamed disease.

Though the expedition was well supplied, she has only found small abandoned supplies and camps (so far).

In classic adventure style, she has a great journal which refreshes your story as you go.

She finds helpful notes left by someone. I liked this one so much, I put it in my own journal I always keep when playing such a game.

They might want to hire me for my drawing skillz on the next game…

My first real puzzle is this combination lock type totem. I haven’t solved it quite yet.

Simple controls:

WASD to move

Tab to open journal, up and down, left and right arrows to move around in the journal.

Move in close to get an EYE to look at items, or a Hand to interact.

Somehow I wasn’t paying attention when they said how to SPRINT. Oh well.

In true adventure game style, Call of the Sea maintains tension via the story itself, and the exploration of an unknown land where others have disappeared.


Creaks is a new platformer game from Amanita Design.   They call it a puzzle adventure.

I find the Edward Gorey like art appealing.   The character, though silent, is hapless, yet determined, so far.  I’m sure I’m still in the tutorial.  This is the first game I’ve bought not as part of a sale or an expansion upgrade in quite a long time.


Controls are the arrow keys to move and the spacebar to select/interact.   Having watched the trailer and the moves the character makes along the way, this surprised me.



Though you see small sections on your screen at a time, a scene where the character climbs down and down a ladder provides potential for a large area, perhaps.



I stopped when I saw his first potential enemy.  The look on his face.  Maybe it’s a good dog.