Rift North American Server Merges and Names poofed from the Inactive

Are scheduled for this Wednesday.  I’m fine with wherever I end up.

According to Massively, they are also poofing names from inactive players so that someone actually playing can have their name of choice.  It seems very fair to me.    http://massively.joystiq.com/2013/10/18/rift-frees-up-inactive-character-names/

Naturally I logged in to see if my girl was in danger.   Since I cobbled together her name from the random name generator and my wily imagination, it looks like her name hasn’t been cloned yet.  I did a little fishing (how I love in game fishing in every game I’ve tried. I can’t say why.)  I was busy getting a shark fish and felt guilty ignoring one of those big calls to arms where you’re supposed to go running and help defeat a set of foes.  A few more fish and I can learn to cook 🙂

fish rift

Obligatory Picture to Drive Traffic

Rift Silverwood

I moved on to Silverwood Forest.  This is the area where my former graphics card went kablooie for this game and everything was covered with green moss. So I consider myself caught up.  I can pick up a craft or two here but I’d rather know more about them so will have to do some research to see what I’d like.

Since it is free to play my bag slots are limited to three spots and the extra bags I got via questing are very small.  Four slots? Whoa.  Could be wrong on the count but noticeably little.

My first Public Quest was in Silvermoon.  I really like these and liked them in Warhammer.  Such a good idea to toss in a bunch of baddies and let everyone have at them.  I was thinking the Rifts are sort of like random open air dungeons that anyone can pop into.  No worries about needed class roles and queues, just whale on over there.

Character models:  My elf is cute but she absolutely lumbers stiff legged through the world.  So does everyone else.  Very much like the way WOW’s Undead walk with those jointed legs of theirs only it is EVERYONE.  They should fix that.

Horses.  There was a quest to go ride an NPC’s horse and perhaps there is an opportunity in that area to get your own but I didn’t see it.  The horses are HUGE.  Monsters.  I know there really are big horses in our world but yo.


rift horsey


I notice in chat there are all sorts of people asking how to do this and that, how to complete/find this quest whats the most uber this…very much like you get once you’ve gone from a closed beta to an open one and all the new folks want to know how to level from 1 to maximum the fastest way possible.   Which means that Rift is attracting a lot of new players, good for them.  The game is good so far, intriguing, a bit different and above the average play of many MMO’s.


There is a site called Rifthead  which will help explain the game and help you calculate your build and all that. By our old buddy Zam.   http://www.rifthead.com/



Back Into the Rift

I played Rift very briefly when it came out.  I think I didn’t get too far but had some real graphical problems with my old computer and it looked awful so I stopped playing.  After listening to (for the first time) the Too Long, Didn’t Listen Podcast   http://mmoreporter.com/2013/06/29/too-long-didnt-listen-episode-65/    wherein they talked about Rift’s re-emergence as a free to play game, I thought I’d tried it again.  (Plus my husband indicated I may have become a one trick pony only playing WOW, not his term).

I don’t understand the Souls thing at all. It seemed to be offering me in a tool tip to pick some Soul thing but then RED LETTERS appeared saying didn’t go with what I had already chosen.  Make up your minds beaners.

The setting is nice and not quite steam punkish, more Arkham Horror.  Lots of little plaques to read and books to collect.  My Pyromancer (I think) seemed to handle everything and her Rock Guy Elemental was most useful.

The general chat made Wow’s Moonguard jabberjaws look like babes in the woods.  Sheesh people.

I’ll see if I get farther along and we shall see.

Rift Elf