GameNotes 2/25/20

Through the magic of dropping back to work in the area of another expansion, all of those icky corrupted items have disappeared from my game.

Atherne is working her way through Northrend, something she’s never done.  I’ve always just dungeon leveled past most of it.  I wish it were easier to see the actual quests she needs.  I’m four quest achievements short in Dragonblight, and I just can’t see any quests to pick up anywhere to work on those.  I’m hoping Wowhead comes through as always.

I did get three quests in quick succession that required disguises.  I love the silly disguises in this game.



So, is this guy the Bolvar everyone is so excited about?  He was kind of a stiff and had nothing to say.

My level 92 Hunter is loving Draenor.  It remains my favorite of all the expansions, I think.  Getting that home of a Garrison, finding treasures, the fishing and cooking are great.  I love most of the areas of it’s world.   She has skinning, so it’s fun to kill all the beasts there.

I see you can opt in for the Shadowlands testing.  Ha!  I had actually  looked one day in my account to uncheck testing and couldn’t find it.  I do like how transparent Blizzard is when they test, their beta forums are right up for everyone to read, there’s no NDA, just here’s where we are today.  I just am not interested in stepping into this next bit.

I spent an hour or so tonight in Classic, working in Duskwood with a couple of people.  I like that there are still plenty of people around, and finding help is not hard.  Except for dungeons, I don’t ever see the dungeons I need.


In ESO, I bought the new Elsweyr house, decorated.  I didn’t get pictures though and they’re doing their big steamroller of a download so I’ll get some next week.  It’s really nice, and was not expensive.


A couple of games looked interesting this week.


GameNotes February 11, 2020

Darkmoon Faire is now live on the Classic Servers.   Old hat for some, but as with everything Classic, I’ve never seen the bare bones version of the Faire.  I have always meant to do all of the attractions at the Faire, but haven’t gotten around to it. Here’s my opportunity to try out the Faire at it’s most basic, and eventually, that will lead to my trying out everything.  If only I can find the Faire.

Bizarrely to me, it floats between Elywnn Forest and Mulgore.

I do not and never have known the Horde areas at all.  So, once I saw it was in Kalimdor, I thought I’d send Atheren, my level 15 Hunter, since she’s already on the continent.  I looked up how to get there from Darnassus.  Simple.

Unless you have no clue and you take several wrong turns.

The worst of them was trying to die my way through the Charred Vale.  Only to find two high level Horde were guarding the pass, once I finally made it across the vale.   Eventually I made my way down to the Barrens, crept along a length of mountains, and finally found myself in Mulgore.

I died 15 times during the trip.  Most in the Vale.   All my armor and weapons are at zero and useless.  I sure hope there’s a repair guy at the Faire!

It took most of the evening, and I left Atheren standing on a hill where I hope nothing attacks.

No clue where the Faire actually is, nothing shows on the map, as happened in a trip to The Barrens with an earlier character.    As I was crawling along, I thought, maybe I should really play through with a Horde character just so I can find my way around when I have to enter these areas.

BFA level Atheren is at ilevel 384. Moving along.   Also, everyday I look for the WQ for Whiplash, the last elite I need in Stormsong for Stormsong Adventurer.   Then I’ll drop back to Northrend with her to get the achievements there.   So fresh faced and happy, la la la.

I’m leveling two other characters towards 120: A 116 Priest and a level 89 Hunter.   After all of the darkness lately at higher levels, working on Cooking and the little Farm at Halfhill Market in Pandaria seems pretty great.   I’ll move her on to Draenor once she hits 90, but I think I’ll wish I could linger there as well.

The Priest is very slow going.   As Discipline, fights are long but she’s practically invulnerable (except against four or more, ouch).  As Shadow it’s a little quicker, but I have never liked Shadow.

GameNotes December 31, 2019

Happy New Year!

In an attempt to do a best of the decade report, I looked at the best games of the year from 2009-2019.  In all but one year I picked a single game I have, and have played and enjoyed.   If I didn’t care for anything, I wrote None.  There are a fair few of those!

On the plus side, many of the games I bought recently and am looking forward to playing were on the top pc games lists for their years.  Good stuff ahead!

My Favorite Games 2009-2019

2009 Dragon Age: Origins

2010   Bioshock 2    and  Mass Effect 2

2011  Elder Scrolls Skyrim

2012 Torchlight 2

2013 None

2014 Dragon Age Inquisition

2015   Fallout 4

2016  None

2017  None

2018 None

2019  None


World of Warcraft, BFA

Atherne is at Exalted with Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm’s Wake and the Order of Embers.  I’m working to get the rest while the extra rep xp lasts, except for the dread Rustbolt.

My Paladin is also working on her rep and on gearing up.  She was further ahead ILevel wise than the other 120s, as I had sent her to Nazjatar at some point.    Somehow I’ve become a fan of rep grinding and can’t stop.

The third character getting limited playtime over the last week is my Hunter who is sailing through Pandaria with her trusty crab Oscar.   I took him in one dungeon, and at one point someone said “bad BAD crab!” so I guess I was not attentive and he pulled a few mobs.  Tsk.   Sorry, Oscar.

I’ve been decorating a few of my character’s garrisons for Winter Veil.  Atherne’s is the best because she has so many followers walking all around, it truly is festive.

Wow Classic

I had not played this over the holidays at all, or barely.  I’m back in working between my Feral Druid and my Paladin.

I did the Winter Veil quests only on my Paladin, who looks adorable as a gnome elf.   I fear I’m holidayed out, so a return to normal would be welcome.


More from the Steam Sale

What a fiend!

Moebius Empire Rising (Jane Jensen)

The Tesla Effect (Tex Murphy)

Shady Brook, A Dark Mystery Text Adventure

Full Throttle Remastered

Indiana Jones and the Emperor’s Tomb

Titanic Adventure Out of Time

I have a really nice list laying in wait for the next sale.  I also find myself looking at game reviews, and if they are mysteries and have puzzles, boink!   They go on my list.

So far, I’ve only looked at Bioshock Infinite, The Call of Cthulu, and Nancy Drew and the Silent Spy.

As you probably know, Bioshock Infinite and The Call of Cthulu are “hand games” with the Cthulu hands being all bloody and eeew.   As my son remined me, I did used to play these first person shooters all the time, including the much revered Half Life with its wrench.  I don’t recall the hands thing bothering me.  I did figure out why they bug me now though.  It’s all the crochet (and other)  You Tube videos where you never see the person, but only their hands.  And you notice their nails (and what’s under them eek), you notice the skin–smooth, scaly, whatever.  I kind of hate them.  So they’re what put me off the first person shooters with the gangly, bloody or claw-like hands.   There’s always a reason.

I originally played Bioshock Infinite only up to a certain point, in my first playthrough long ago. I haven’t gotten to that point again in my new game of it.  What a bizarre society.  I do like the clothes and storefronts and the floating city of a weird alternate 1912.

The Call of Cthulu is pretty grim and dark, but the lead guy is a detective, so I’ll likely enjoy it.

Nancy Drew and the Silent Spy is unexpectedly really good.  It’s relaxing, has lots of puzzles, I like the voiceovers.  The story is certainly interesting.   I like having my notebook out again for a game, taking clue notes, making drawings.


GameNotes December 3, 2019

Mechagon Follies

While doing a daily quest all of a sudden Rustfeather pops up.  Where are all the people who camp him, I thought.  Luckily very shortly a bunch of people showed up and I didn’t need to die.


Unbelievably the annoying crone Scrollsage Nola with her nails on a blackboard voice showed up in Mechagon.  Ack.  I knew she was evil, though, she thinks her colleague  Maokka is too gentle and she wants you to assassinate some goblins.


Saturday was particularly frustrating in Mechagon, so I found myself dropping down to work on my level 80 Hunter who is in Northrend.  Northrend can be so pretty after spending time in a junkyard.

Amber Ledge sparkles.

Even Coldarra seems fun.

Fashions of the week

My Monk in a fish head.  I just love the fish heads.


A Balance Druid in a nicely transmogged outfit. She might be drooling.  Still a cutie.


Wow Classic Atheren, a Hunter, wears those furry hide pieces with aplomb.  You skin it, you wear it.

Her pet Snuggles is now her Best Friend. Awwwww.

I hope one of my Hunters can tame one of these giant crocs in the Wetlands.  They’re so adorable.  Look at this guy, dead, but posing like he wants his belly rubbed.


I’m finding interesting old echoes of today’s BFA all over.  Note the Lost Third Fleet of Kul Tiras.



I haven’t attempted the dragon’s lair yet again, but apparently I need to beat that dragon to see southern Elsweyr? Bleh.  While taking a break in Auridon, what should show up in the sky?


Alan Wake

I did some reading on strategies for playing Alan Wake.  I did make some progress forward over the weekend.

I came back into the game by the Stuckey guy’s body.  I think that’s who it is.

I meant to look around the yard for a flashlight and gun, thinking I had missed them.  They were never there.  Instead, they were in a little well lit shack.  I ran past the axeman this time around and got into the shack.

Call for help!  There’s an old fashioned phone that doesn’t work.  I think all it does is position you in front of the window so you can see the big piece of construction equipment start up.  Then the thing pushes the shed off it’s foundations with a mighty roar.  On the plus side, you can now see what’s coming your way and you can shoot at it.  Managing to hold the flashlight on the now multiple axe men isn’t as hard as I thought it would be. You can only get one guy at a time, unless you drag them into the light, where they’re considerably easier to kill.

Run, Alan run.


There’s no clear path through the woods to higher ground.  It’s worth exploring all the paths for batteries and ammo hidden around the place.  I just have to try to be calm and look around for anything helpful.

You can see your next goal, but how to get there?  Good guess, a generator is somehow involved. Love my flashlight.

If I’d known that there would be axe men galore, I would have gone through the tutorial myself, but silly, silly, I thought he was just a dream.


Bartle Test

You’re likely familiar with the Bartle Test which categories you as Explorer, Socializer, Achiever, Killer.   On his QBlog, Bartle links to new player tests that are updated for today’s games.


I can’t find my old test results, but here’s the new one:




GameNotes November 26, 2019

Wow Classic

Bouncing around between characters quite a bit this week depending on how much time I had to play.  Here’s where they’re at level wise:

Affliction Warlock 28

Retribution Paladin 25

Feral Druid 24

Arms Warrior 20

Hunter #1 17

Frost Mage 13

Hunter #2 12

Combat Rogue 11

Disc Priest 10

Resto Druid 10


As always it’s fashion week in the realm.

New Wizard clothing for my Warlock after weeks of red shorts.


My Paladin finally got decent pants.


I tried to get an action shot of my Paladin fighting, mostly so I could see her face to compare to the now putty like faces in BFA.  She looks pretty serene.


One of my characters looted the Mechanical Squirrel schematic.  My Engineer wasted no time making one and taking her right out to do some copper mining.


Battle for Azeroth


I bought the Admiralty Stallion when I got Exalted this week with Proudmoore.  A pretty creature.


Tonight, the Tortollans are Revered, so Pathfinder Part 1, yay, hooray.


Now it gets ugly.  I’m talking Mechagon!  It’s the last thing I need for flying, reputation with these….   I did as many quests as I could find, tonight, and one world quest to work towards getting the Rustbolts from Friendly to Honored.  This is going to be rough.  I don’t get headaches, but Mechagon gives me one.

To Mechagon!  What’s that smell?


That’s right, it’s a junkheap.


On the Fashion side, Atherne has a new hammer.   So practical.



My Engineer Has new goggles which hide her saucer like eyes.


13 Screenshots this post for IntPiPoMo.

Total 58.

I’m going to go back and re-count to be sure I have the count correct.  I’m likely to still do a screenshot Saturday because I’m having fun with the three games featured there.   If I don’t get to it this busy week, at least I’ve made the goal of 50.  Happy Thanksgiving!


GameNotes November 19, 2019

Another great outfit for one of my characters.  Luckily she got a new shirt soon thereafter.


What the casual Priest wears fishing.   This fishing spot right outside Thelsamar is the first in the Gnome/Drawf area I’ve found that yields pretty good fish even for a low level fisherpersonage.


My Warrior’s Level 20 quest.  If I’m reading this right, he wants my level twenty Warrior to make her way drunk into a cave/area full of mobs level 24 +.   Oh, and get back within an hour!  How twisted is that.


My Paladin who got the most play time this week is level 24.   It helped getting in both the Deadmines and the Stockades.  The Stockades!  You have a kill the Defias quest that has you go in every single room in the Stockades.  Then in the circular rooms, you also have to kill everything.  I can’t believe how long it took to go through.    No Hogger, but there’s Hamhock.


Make Loh Go , Tiragarde.  I almost have the pattern of it.


The level 20 Paladin Quest beginning.  I can’t believe I survived these waves.  I hate waves of things.  I missed that my quest was up at level 20 because neither of the Paladin trainers gave it out, it was another NPC in the Cathedral of Light with a Blue Question mark over his head who had it.  I was tipped by some higher level Paladin in a group when she asked “Where’s your fist?”  Immediately I blurted “You wanna see my fist? High humor.  The questline is long and goes in two dungeons, the next of which is Shadowfang Keep.


You know how it is when someone has your taste in clothes or hairstyle in a game.  Instant buds.


I am having the worst time dragging myself to Mechagon to get my Rustbolt Rebellion rep.  I peeked in when it first came out and haven’t been back.  Now I have to go and I’d rather be anywhere else in Azeroth.  It’s just a nasty junkyard full of stuff that wants to kill you.  So ugly.


I like WQs so much I started my Rogue on them.  I took a ferry to get to one and ran into a bunch of Naga.  Yech.


Riding Grong, the Noble and Intellectual Ape.


Here’s what Boralus looks like at 3 am.


I started Mass Effect again, the original.  I didn’t finish it the first time around, but got pretty far, I think.  Steam’s reliable picture taking doesn’t work on Mass Effect, so the only way to get shots will be to hit Print Screen and pop it into Paint.   I did see some tips on logging in as admin and blah blah, but not worth the tinkering.  I’d forgotten how much I like the Shepard character. The voice acting is great.


How to pin yourself to a wall 101.


I spent a little more time in Elder Scrolls Online hunting for Dragonguard knowledge.

One of those Indiana Jones like leaps of faith as you spread powder to create a path over a chasm.


Into the Dragon’s Lair.  Why did it have to be filled with Kwama?


16 shots in this post for IntPiPoMo.

35 total.  Ta da.  Getting there.


GameNotes November 5, 2019


I watched only up to and through the World of Warcraft segments.  The All Access channel presenters seemed very disorganized, and were interviewing an eSports guy at length even as the show started on the main stage.  Grrr.

My interest was as much in the mood of the crowd and how the speakers acted as in the information.

I have not cared for J Allen Brack in the past, but I thought his apology was heartfelt.  I’ve seen game staff explain the NGE and lead ups to SWTOR where you’d think someone off camera was threatening the speaker or his family.  There was  real fear in the eyes of those folks.  Brack meant what he said and took responsibility.  I would be surprised if he made all of those bad decisions on his own, but he took the shot for them, and I appreciate that.  It seems some people wanted more depth, but it’s a game convention, not the Senate, where no one ever takes responsibility for anything.

I wrote down that the Diablo 4 cinematic was long and overblown.  Still isometric but with a tiny peek under the hood from some angles.  The response from the audience to the cinematic and presentation was tepid.  There’s the guy all excited with his “we’re taking you to Hell” battle cry and I don’t feel that’s where the audience wanted to go.

Then we get Shadowlands, the leaked title of the next World of Warcraft expansion.  I was hoping it would be something else, but a leak is a leak.   Strike two on cinematics.  This was dim and dark and featured Sylvanas taking down the Lich King with her pinkie.   I thought she had a few good moments early in BFA.  Since then, her low growl and rising invulnerability make her uninteresting.  I don’t see her as any type of heroine.  She’s become soul less and evil.  She tears down the veil between life and death. Why?

This is certainly not the story players needed after being dragged through the recent war.  They needed some other adventure.  Something good for a change.

Level squish.  I’ll get over it, but I really feel unmotivated to level anyone to 120, knowing they’re going to lose 70 levels with Shadowlands.   I can see no reason for setting everyone back just to crawl back up to where we were someday, if they let us.  I think they should reconsider, and stop endlessly tweaking class skills, up 3%, down 5%, and on and on.   They should have that all down pat by now.  Work on other parts of the game. Add housing. Add guild halls. Put Guild perks back in and develop how those make it rewarding to play together.  Build a world, not just a theme park.  Take a good look at the ways people work together in Classic, not because they’re forced to, but because it’s a better, faster experience.  Because it makes you happy to help someone, and it feels good to get help with a quest that you’re chipping away at.

Cleric. So caring!  It’s the Mom Thing.



From IGN, the 21 Side Quests that are always in RPGs

They certainly have a lot of them pegged!  Of them, I actually love to get the Murder Mystery types.


The Five Games of Time To Loot

I’ll bite on this (now meme).  Its very easy!

Star Wars Galaxies Emu

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Classic

Elder Scrolls Online

Everquest 2



This week I struggled getting my Priest to Level 10.  Molasses is the word that kept coming to mind.  No exciting level 10 quest, they simply send you to Stormwind to talk to a Priest in the Cathedral of Light who hands you the Desperate Prayer skill.


The other character getting playtime was my Paladin.  She even went in the Deadmines!  A successful run, but not without death.  Several.  Ya, ya, still no decent pants.


I liked the way these two dead creatures looked like they were talking.



Three IntPiPoMo pics for today.  Up to four total.  I’ll have to toss in more posts to get to 50!

GameNotes October 15, 2019

My Classic server is still “layered” so there are indeed plenty of people still playing in Classic.  I like having people around, and people to group with, and people to help when they need it.  It’s kind of ideal.

Characters in Play this last week were my Paladin, now level 18 and my Druid, now level 21.  Most of the Paladin’s time was in Loch Moden.  It certainly is an easy place to get groups.   I noticed in several encounters that people are seeming a bit desperate for nice loot drops, and there was a Wand I personally Greeded on since it wasn’t for my Paladin.  I have zero luck on rolls so I didn’t get it, but I was a little horrified to see I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  The person I was working with pretty much won all the rolls, but I only cared about that one.  Not good.   Rule 1,2,3: Don’t Obsess.

The Druid worked in Darkshore, but I sent her to finish off a couple of Westfall quests.  I never picked up any of the Redridge quests, because as I always suspected, I really dislike Redridge and can’t bear to do the area if I don’t have to.  The Darkshore area gives you potential quests to Menethil, Astranaar, and the Stonetalon Mountains (which seem very far away).

I like to do all the quests in an area before moving on (it was an odd circumstance that sent me to Westfall in the first place, I just thought herb drops were better there than in Darkshore but I was wrong.)

After recent experiences with other Classes, I feared some beastly quest line to get the Feral Cat form.  Luckily, all it took was all the money I had to buy the skills from the Trainer.  Prowl!  It is so nice to be in Cat Form.  I was fond of Bear, somewhat, but I’ve played hundreds of hours in Cat Form and it is just more comfortable.  And the cat is pretty, blues and dark purples for her fur colors.

It is awkward to have to keep shape shifting to talk to NPCs or use any item–foods, drink, interactive quest items.   The only things you can do in shape shifted form are fight and pick Herbs.  It can get dodgy mid-fight trying to take a potion.


In BFA my 120 Druid struggles on, working in Drustvar for rep, getting the Emissary quests as they pop up.  Except for the Match Game, the Tortollan quests are so annoying.  Ok, Make Loh Go is cute.   I kind of hate Magni. Should have flying sometime next year.

I’ve still done zero Island Expeditions.  Hmm.  Maybe sometime.


GameNotes October 8, 2019

Clever of me to schedule a non-post this morning so I could obsessively meet my daily posts at 7 am.  All are usually written the night before and scheduled.  I did a post a day on all four of my blogs in July, 28 posts a week as my spouse kept reminding me.  After that marathon, I devised a new post schedule so each blog gets at least one post a week, all on different days, so there’s something every day of the week, somewhere.  It has worked out pretty nicely, and I have not missed a day since I began the schedule in August.  Can’t miss that post!  So here’s today’s post, late in the day, but still on the day, and it counts.   Like you care, la la la.

I’ve been happily playing the SWG Emu again, and have been talking with people in GenChat, unlike me, but if time is limited there, and it looks like it is, I want to get to know the people and enjoy my fellow Galaxies fans.

By chance, I looked at the subReddit for the emu, and there was a recent interview by Mobyus1 with one of the lead developers, LordKator.  It was fantastic, and revealed so much about the Project, where it is, where it is potentially going.  The EMU is now working to finish the ground game which includes the Imperial Crackdown and some other details, then when that is work is complete, they’ll wipe Basilisk and open the permanent server, usually referred to as Suncrusher.  The space game will not be implemented before this happens.  They hope to find people who are “passionate” about the space game and have particular skill sets that are required to bring that to life.  The end of the test server era is at hand.

It was always my plan to not move to the new server and start anew.  I plan to do all the things I wish to do and try out before Basilisk ends.  Then my Galaxies time would be done.

Listening to LordKator’s enthusiasm about what the new server might be like, and hearing how his wife also loves the game, and would like to offer new quests, and just all sorts of possibilities, I found myself thinking, OK, if I can only have two characters (the number you can have is in no way decided.), what would I have.  Ranger first.  Then split a crafter with character two.  Tailor and Architect?  Tailor and Armorsmith?   Maybe.

Watch the video, it is really enjoyable:


Battle for Azeroth: Visions of N’Zoth       On the Warcraft Front, coming soon to the PTR Battle for Azeroth: Visions of N’Zoth.

There’s a ton of new content incoming.  See the Icy Veins link above for detailed information.

I find the Assaults and Horrific Visions intriguing, and almost would like to go on the PTR to to try them out. No time, though.  I’ll have to read what others think.  Without having experienced it, I like the story flow of the new content.  Using Uldum and The Vale of Eternal Blossoms to stage some of these events is a great idea, I love both areas and am glad to see them using the Old World, as it used to be called.

The part I’m whiny about is the Vulpera Allied Race going to the Horde.  It’s the only new race I would really have wanted to play, and Alliance has only the Mechagnomes, a bit carelessly recycled from Mechagon.

Note: I keep forgetting to look, but I see all three of the realms I have characters on still have layering in effect.  I think they should just take it off all realms and be done with it.


World of Warcraft Classic

All my characters need potions as they advance, and they haven’t money to buy any.  My Druid/Alchemist has been this week’s main character.  In fact, she was in a good group quite late last night knocking out quests galore, which is why this morning’s post wasn’t there, in truth.  If you get a good group, you gotta stick with them for as long as possible.

I do have a couple of characters in a guild, and once they have potions, I’ll try to get them in dungeon runs.  I can’t send them in helpless though.

My Druid’s level 16 quest to get the sea lion form was quite an experience.  For the first part, Trial of the Lake, she had to find a Shrine Bauble in Lake Elune’ara in Moonglade.   It’s a large lake, essentially featureless except for a few mounds underwater with two air bubble locations to help you stay underwater where you could search and search.  I finally found the bauble, way flat on the floor of the lake, so easy to miss.

I feel it was a fair quest that made me really really want to get the sea lion form.  Really bad.   One you find the bauble, you have to scoot on a timer (what fiends they were for timers!) over to the Shrine of Remulos, use the bauble then turn in the quest with the quest person being snippy the whole while about you running out of time.  All I could think about was how bad I’ve always been in timed tests, and anything I ever knew would go out the window as I watched the clock tick down and my mind was frozen.

Next, for the Trial of the Sea Lion, you’ve got to find two parts of a pendant and put them together.  One part is in Darkshore and the other in Westfall.   By now, I just wanted to finish the dang sequence.  So I looked at Wowhead’s often useful comments section.  This is a case where, for the Darkshore quest, there were many unnecessarily conflicting bits of advice.  Do not, for instance go to the Cliffspring River mouth then swim west into the ocean.

Go to the mouth of the river and swim due north to two little islands you see on the map.  My cursor is right on the spot.


Look for these island outcroppings.  The chest is on the backside of these and down in the water.  There are a manageable number of Threshers level 17 and 18 swimming around.  I only had to fight one of them.

The second half of the pendant is in Westfall.  Luckily, I had spent time with my character there trying to gather herbs, and get my Herbalism and Alchemy skills up.  All I needed to do was take the boat to Menethil, fly to Stormwind, fly to Sentinel Hill.   Go to the Gold Coast Quarry, head straight out into the water (there are a fair few Murlocs, no surprise).   Not far out there will be a continental shelf type drop off, with a sunken ship and another bubble breathing rock thingie.

The chest is right there, and away you go, back to Moonglade, back to the Shrine of Remulos to put the halves together.  Inconveniently the quest turn in is in the farthest up and right building in Nighthaven.  Not over!  Go to Darnassus now and talk to the second floor Druid trainer who gives you the Sea Lion form and a nice belt.

GameNotes October 1, 2019

This week it’s all about that gnarly level 20 Warlock quest to get the Succubus.  I actually can’t stand that pet, and never use her in the current game.  All that squealing, gasping, whip cracking. So annoying.  Even so, in Classic it’s a Class Quest and so it must be done.

I took the ship from Menthil Harbor to Theramore Isle.  I then wended my way along the road you see part of leading out of Theramore.  Everything in Dustwallow Marsh is way over my head, but I just kept running.  I never died, but lost my Voidwalker several times to spiders and crocs.   Most annoyingly, the map above never filled in at all, even as I made my way into the Barrens themselves where everything was right at level.

This meant running up the road and down the road (The Gold Road and it’s variations) looking for the camp of my quest guy.


The camp isn’t near the road enough so you see the tents or the gold dot for the quest turn in as you run by.  If you’re in Ratchet, you’ve gone too far!  (I did not get that far before I turned around.)

Finally, comparing a Wow Head map with details filled in, to my approximate position on the big blank map, I turned in off the road and voila.


So you make your way across the world to see this guy, and he sends you to Ashenvale.  AGGHH!


Riiight, you say, Ashenvale isn’t far away.  And the moon is in the sky.   After all the time I spent getting to this guy, it took another hour perhaps to find a way through the Stonetalon Mountains, past grubbly little Horde guys, to get to Ashenvale.  I love the Astranaar area, luckily, and have never been so glad to see it.  Done for the night on this quest.

Next log in, I make my way to the Heartwood, with wizards and warlocks galore spawning and re-spawning quickly all around.  You can see the interactive gear when you hover your mouse over the tree, but it’s grayed out, except for a sweet spot on a root of the tree which I finally found.

Then back to Stormwind to fight a Succubus in the basement of the Slaughtered Lamb so you can have one to call your own.  The fight itself was simple and my Voidwalker handled most of it.

Got her, stuck her in a sack, back out questing with the Voidwalker.  Can’t wait to see what the next Class quest for Warlock is.


Battle For Azeroth Wrapup

The story wrap up seems awfully rushed, barely acknowledging the Alliance.    I liked Kaylriene’s summation for the most part

and just can’t figure out why they started the whole thing in the first place.   If they allow the Horde and Alliance to work together going forward, I’ll be happy, though I will not say it was all worth it.   With Blizzcon now just a few weeks out, I may get a ticket this time to see the drama of what comes next unfold.


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