Dungeon Follies

Stratholme Main Gate a Non-starter


Blackrock Depths, this guy is not from Moonguard


Level Up

My Mage made it to 120 this week questing in Drustvar and running dungeons.  Now she’s out in the wild working on the War Campaign and World Quests.  Since Nazjatar creatures hit so hard when my druid first got there, I’m gearing everyone else up before they head over.

With Allies Like This….

My druid finally got Rank three with her ally, and I eagerly went to turn in the quest I knew I had, but there was nothing.  Ack, I must have turned it in with a pile of others and not paid sufficient attention.  I’m horrified to know I’m supposed to drag the weasel around with me for many more levels.

On the plus side, WowHead came out with a guide to allies this week that could make it less painful.   Gawd they refer to them as “bodyguards”.   Not so much.


There’s also a great guide from them for Benthic Gear, which raises your gear level considerably, if you have been lollygagging as some have been.


There was a new puzzle this week that I could not figure out for anything.  Every explanation I saw of how it worked made zero sense.  There were several videos, but the person in not a single one spoke.  They just pointed around on the screen.  (Pokes eyes out).   Visual representation is helpful, but it explains nothing when not accompanied by a person explaining what it is you’re seeing.   Even worse, I was trapped in the puzzle with no way out except logging out.

Pull the Points Around Puzzle:


My best effort:

In Nazjatar, I’ll casually work with the “bodyguards”, but mostly I’m looking for manapearls for gear upgrades.

Mechagon is not as I imagined.  I seem to recall early notes on it referring to it as a “Timeless Isle”.   It isn’t like that at all.  It’s a little set of islands that are a big junk heap.   This would actually be depressing if it weren’t for the irrepressible gnomes sifting through the trash, and having you sift through trash looking for rather amazing bits of tech and building things with them.  It is a paradise of sorts for gnomes and those who love them, which I do.


I decided to backtrack and do the War Campaign.  The sequence with Tyrande trying to re-take Darkshore was actually touching.  My Night Elf druid has not forgotten what happened here.  I thought it was very long, however.   Even so, it seemed to end abruptly.  Why not keep moving towards the ruins of Darnassus?


By the time I got to the fight with Nathanos, I was tired, and he is so repulsive.  And even when he finally died, he didn’t die!   He went on like nothing happened.  Tyrande, who had become the Night Warrior was just standing behind the guy’s back doing nothing.   They have to re-think how these fights play out, and all of the times when you’re surrounded by super-being allies who let you go in alone for the fight.

World Of Warcraft Dungeon Dayz

I’ve had a good week of dungeon running in World of Warcraft. My newbie Warlock got invited to a group with a couple of guildies. I don’t know anyone, right? But if you’re running a dungeon, take meeeee with!

Oddly, I thought, they were going to do Wailing Caverns, but wanted to meet at the meeting stone for it. I’m thinking What? Where even is the meeting stone for it? Kalimdor, Northern Barrens! Can you imagine how long it would take my little bozo to get over there? They changed to Scarlet Halls and Monastery which one could fly to with the other in tow, then summon me over. (They went with three because that’s what was available and they were trying for Dungeon Guild Achievements). Somehow, everyone ended up in different phases. So when I got summoned, I could see their character dots but not them. There I am in an area where everything’s four levels up on me. Lolmeister. Somehow with tinkering we ended up all together.

Those two dungeons, the Scarlet Halls and Scarlet Monastery, are not favorites of mine. Somebody, usually everybody, dies at some point. I dread them. Imagine then, going through with a level 50 and a level 120. Har, har Scarlet Scum! The POS bosses could barely get a threatening word out before they died. Power to the Peeps! Die, die die! It was pretty great to see them get flattened. I might have enjoyed it too much.

We also did the Stockades, which is a quick one even in a normal run, the only trouble in that dungeon there ever is, is with with Hogger. He had no chance to say Oink.

My adorable new Death Knight is going to join the guild there once she has money for flight so, if need be, she can fly location to location. It occurred to me that Classic will be that very thing, you’ll need to know where the entrances actually are in the world and get there overland. It will be such fun.

My DK has done Hellfire Ramparts and the Blood Furnace. Her first dungeon ever (Hellfire Ramparts) and the Tank happens to be a Gnome DK. I tried to get a screenshot of us together. Not easy on the move.

In the Blood Furnace Ha, bad dog, I’m writing this post in my head and thinking I like this dungeon, and it is one of the ones I can (and have) tanked comfortably. So maybe I wasn’t Ms. Output because the tank, some big beast of a guy with a huge shield bragged:

You go, big guy!

Despite not paying enough attention at all times, the DK did not meet her maker, really.

Guild Nite: Razorfen Kraul

For the first time we had all five dungeoneers in our run be guildies. What a different and fun experience. My Resto Druid did great (nobody died) despite a speedy run and tons of knock backs and stuns from bats and the pig like creatures in the fen.

Three of us do dungeons all the time and two play through in other ways. Everyone had a good time.

I made sure everyone had every bit of armor, potions, scrolls, glyphs, anything I can make to help things go more smoothly. Honestly it was the sort of preparation you do to have people over for dinner. Luckily it went well. Next week an all new dungeon.

Let’s Talk About The Epeen-O-Meter and Other Add-Ons for WOW

Rough times in the dungeons these days. Everyone and their Alt seem to be leveling their characters to 90 by Hook or Dungeon Crook. I’m doing the same.
Currently I’m working between several with my Warrior being the out front of the pack leveler. I need her Blacksmithing and Mining skills big time.


Add-Ons are not something I use, and I have never used them. I ask people I know who do, what they use, and what it does for them out of curiosity and still see no reason to use them.

If every person in the dungeons except me is using them, then doh, even more reason not to use them. I am not seeing, except in rare groups, anyone playing much better than everyone else. Some groups, everyone plays well. Maybe one in ten groups at any given level.

Do you ever wonder if the developers take into account how Add Ons will be used when they make changes to the game? Do they not bother much refining some features or skills because they know an Add On will compensate? Do they go seemingly overboard on some changes to counteract what an Add On will do?

The most pervasive Add On is Recount. This displays everyone’s damage and is always displayed by the person who came out on top in the rankings. With my Rogue and Shaman I cringe to see it. They are my lowest levels for a reason.

The Official Epeen-O-Meter!

I have noticed with my Hunter reaching 85 and my Warrior and Paladin in the 70s that the counts don’t tend to get posted. I take it they sort of ruin the whole I am Da Uber thing for the puny boys and girls who need constant feedback regarding their greatness.

Via MMO Champion, Another Poll! Blizzard Asks Which Dungeon You Would Blacklist

Among other blue guy news, there is a poll here asking which dungeon you’d blacklist.  Does this mean I could yank Vortex Pinnacle out of the random dungeon list?  Must look into this.

Which dungeon would you blacklist?

Mogu’shan Palace
Shado-Pan Monastery
Gate of the Setting Sun
Temple of the Jade Serpent
Stormstout Brewery
Scarlet Monastery
Siege of Niuzao Temple
Scarlet Halls
Dear Blizzard: 
Please revamp every single painful Pandaria Dungeon.  Put Scarlet Monastery, Scarlet Halls and Scholomance  back the way they were.   Use your Burning Crusade Dungeons as a template.  Don’t ever make a boring Violet Hold dungeon again.
Sincerely, Atherne