Feathering My Nest: Christmas Garrison Decorating

I thought I had decorated more of my characters Garrisons for Christmas and Halloween (ya ya, called other things), but no. I am finding that my Atherne character is really the only one who can do the Grumpus, a 120 Gold Elite.  Everyone else’s characters have crummy item levels so the Grumplings just pound them.

Luckily Ath can just send others the Merry thingies they need, ho ho ho.  Slow but I do the love the decorations, and between turns, I’m sending everyone who has a garrison home to snuggle down and who knows, build new buildings, generally feather their Garrison nests.

Back to snoozing in her old bed.


Random Garrison NPC Glark Criswold.   He’s checking all the bulbs, seriously.

The annoying Grumpus


GameNotes December 17, 2019

I haven’t played since Sunday’s grand flight accomplishment.  Tonight I peeked in, ran a few relaxing world quests with Atherne, then sent her to her merrily decorated garrison, so full of NPCs that she adventured with in Draenor.  It remains one of my favorite expansions.  They should be adding more holiday and other décor to Garrisons, there is still time!


After all the tribulations in Mechagon, I set her down for the night at her Inn amongst the convivial company, including John J. Keeshan who is everywhere.  It felt like home.


I spent a little time doing World Quests with my Rogue.  I like doing them in most cases anyway, but she can really use the item upgrades, the gold, the War Resources.   Going forward I’ll gear up my 120s, level the others on Blackwater Raiders, and just enjoy the game.   Speaking of enjoyable, what glory to just fly from World Quest to World Quest.  What a time saver.


I made note of Ken Levine’s new studio Ghost Story Games.  I’ll have to sign up for the newsletter.   It’s always exciting when favorite developers start new ventures.  I love the name!



Happy gaming, baking, shopping and wrapping till next week!