Wil Wheaton’s Table Top

Before there were computer games GASP there were Board Games.  The interaction good and bad across the table from those you know and love cannot be duplicated or trumped.

Games are more complex than when I was playing Supermarket Sweep but how endlessly appealing they are, and how they do activate the imagination.  It is sort of like watching a play, with a few spare props on the stage suddenly being filled in by your imagination to become a world.  Board games transport you right onto some island or time period where you must think and strategize to survive.

I was looking for reviews of a game I’m considering called Forbidden Island when I came across Wil Wheaton on his site reviewing boardgames and a feature called Table Top where he introduces you to a game, tells you how to play, and then brings in some friends to play the game.  Most entertaining!


What do you think?

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