EQ2 Fury

I love my Fury she’s having mana issues all of a sudden at level 17.  This is only in fights against the elites and multiples–3 or more that she runs out.   Her skill bars just all gray out, and you have to run away.

I didn’t even know what was happening at first, since I hadn’t run into it before with this character.

Here’s a guide that looks helpful.   http://revellers.gnomedepot.net/?page_id=48

If I can’t solve her problems, I’ll choose another character to be my main. 

Maybe my Mousey Mystic.

I’m also liking my Ranger.

Isn’t there some old wisdom that you don’t really get a good feel for how your class will play till level 20?  Both the Mystic and Fury are level 17, and I see no weakness in the Mystic, certainly no mana problems.

I do have a number of other classes to move past level 10/11, perhaps one of those would be the new favorite.

It really is valuable to have a range of classes available so you don’t feel stuck with a character who isn’t as powerful as you’d like, you can try something else rather than give up on the game.  Not that I’m anywhere near giving up on this one, but it does happen when you try new games, or just never seem to advance in a game you want to like.

What do you think?

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