4 thoughts on “To Northrend!

  1. (This may end up being a duplicate comment. I had to login to WordPress and after that my comment seemed to be gone.)

    The ship to Northrend just kept stopping before it transitioned, waited, and then brought everyone back to Stormwind. Blizzard had to active the Dockmaster’s teleport ability to be able to handle the crowd of folks trying to get to Northrend. (This was on Old Blanchy.)


    • Hi there! We decided to go to Howling Fjord, something I’ve never done. A bunch of people got left behind on the docks. Someone said they were DCing. Some fell into the water and had to swim back around before the boat left. Your experience is pretty terrible. Glad Blizzard stepped in to help! It was an exciting time. Glad we made the trip.


      • Howling Fjord is where I went in the original game. That boat ride is memorable. A great start to one of my favorite zones in Wow.


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